What We've Been Watching

Daddy and I have been making the most of our evenings lately as little J has been falling asleep between 6-7pm. 
We have watched a few films, its been nice to sit and chill for a few hours as usually we are busy and don't seem to find the time.
So what have we been watching. Well we are big fans of Liam Neeson and we watched Taken 2 just around christmas time ready for Taken 3 when it came out on the cinema. 
They are such great films and although the storyline is similar in each film I am always blown away with just how good these films are.
So after Taken's we decided to see what else Liam Neeson was in. Love Actually was first. I love that film and have watched it many times, really enjoyed it even though it was after christmas.
Next we watched Non-Stop . OMG for those who haven't watched this you must. Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore star together in this action packed thriller. The whole movie is set on a plane and I wasn't sure just how good it could be but it was really scary with twists and turns and had me on the edge of my seat.
Another Liam Neeson film was Walking Through Tombstones. I only had one eye on this really as it isn't my usual film but again Liam just makes me wanna watch his films. I am usually more of a rom-com kinda girl but I just love him. He is an amazing actor and I hope he makes many more films for us to enjoy.
As February was the month of love we watched Valentines Day and This is 40. Enjoyed both very much. I have seen Valentines Day before and I love these movies like Love Actually and New Years Eve were they have a whole host of actors and actresses. This is 40 was great too. I actually laughed so hard that some of my drink flew out my nose. 
After we had watched a few films we decided to maybe start a series. There are so many to choose from. In the past we have watched Lost, Fringe and Game of Thrones to name a few. We have heard great things about Prison Break and 24 but we decided on Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
Someone told us you have to watch at least 4-5 episodes before you get into it but I can honestly say after the pilot I was hooked. 
The actors/characters are brilliant and very believable and we have been watching at least 1 episode per night - we can't get enough. We whizzed through the first season and onto the second. I can't wait to find out what happens in the end. 
I can't believe the show started in 2008 and we have only just heard about it now 7 years later. Sometimes that is better when a series has completely finished because you can just watch it all without having to wait in between. I remember watching Lost, I hated waiting a whole year for the next season. I used to think "what if I die, i'll never know what happened"

So thats just a snippet of what we have been watching the last month of so.
What Films or TV have you been watching?


  1. My fella and I only watched Breaking Bad late last year and loved it....We watched 2 or 3 episodes a nights until we were done....lol

  2. If you're enjoying breaking bad then i definitely recommend better call saul! It's fab

  3. You sound like you watch the same stuff as us. We loved breaking bad, and the taken films... in fact we watched taken just last night. Try watching game of thrones next... we are addicted and watched it twice now waiting for the new series to come out!

  4. I've heard about Breaking Bad but never watched it before. Hubby and I love watching movies when little man is sleeping x


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