Project 365 - Days 75-81

I'm a little late this week with my project 365. The week flew by but we finished it off with a lovely visit to Warwick Castle
75/365 - I found this photo on my camera today. I didn't take it and when I asked Daddy and big J they didn't take it either. So it must have been little J. He is obsessed with gadgets.
76/365 - Little J has been trying out some new snacks. Keep an eye out for our review.

77/365 - This is a photo of Wednesday morning when Daddy was on his way to work. It hasn't been altered at all, it was just really foggy.

78/365 - Little J and I took an afternoon stroll down Otterspool Prom. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and little J was fascinated by his shadow.

79/365 - This morning was there was a solar eclipse. I tried to get some glasses so we could watch it but I couldn't find any that would arrive in time. So although I didn't see it all I did see some of it and it was really good. 

80/365 - A lovely day at Warwick Castle. We got to preview the new Time Tower attraction and we met Mike The Knight too.

81/365 - Daddy has introduced me to Starbucks Tea and I love it. 

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