Project 365 Days 5-11

Its week 2 of Project 365 and I am so happy I have joined in with it. I love taking photos of my monkeys so I know this is something I am going to really enjoy.

5/365 - Little J just wants to be like his big brother all the time. He wants everything big J has so when there was only one milkshake left the only thing to do was get two straws and let them share.

6/365 - While playing with little J today I made myself a nice house out of lego. No door just a window, it didn't last very long before it was broken up by my little monkey.

7/365 - Enjoying a nice bath with his new bath toys he got for christmas. He loves the bath and would stay in there all night if he could.

8/365 - Daddy surprised me today with a lovely treat. Viva La Juicy perfume and body lotion. Wasn't expecting anything at all so was a lovely surprise. 

9/365 - Big J all set for a mammoth gaming session. I guess when you are 12 thats what Friday's nights are for.

10/365 - There has been lots of play fighting this week. Big J and little J have been jumping on each other, hitting each other with cushions and even the nerf guns came out this week. I love watching these two play. They always look like they are having lots of fun.

11/365 - Big J went to the cinema today with his Grandma and Grandad then out for tea. A nice way to spend a blustery Sunday afternoon.


  1. What a lovely week you had!
    I love that first photo! So cute x

  2. I've completed 8 different 365's now and it is wonderful to look back on each year. great pics - good luck with your project x

  3. I've always wanted to try something like a project 365, you've totally inspired me to do so!

  4. aw great post love the one of them both playing on the floor , memory captured x

  5. I love this project, I love the concept of project 360...but I may very well start it myself :) x

  6. Ah what lovely family pictures. I have three J's (baby, boy and girl) so it's good to meet a fellow fan :-) #365

  7. Lol, love the play fighting, that happens a lot here too! What a lovely gift, I always like to receive perfume! #magicmoments

  8. The pic of the boys sharing the drink is so sweet :)


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