The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year but since becoming a mum it is also the busiest time of year too. I haven't been able to blog recently, mainly because most nights and weekends have been jam packed with things to do or places to go. 
I love blogging so I am going to try and make an extra special effort to blog throughout December because it is the most wonderful time of the year.
So the last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy and now that December is finally here, things will just go crazy and also time will go so quick and before we know it the big day will arrive.
Daddy and I looked at the calender at the weekend and realised that the decorations would have to go up. So on Sunday all the decorations came down and the fun started. This is the earliest we have ever put our tree up but it was really the only weekend we could do it.
Little J got up early on Sunday morning so by 6:30am we were all set and raring to go. We started straight away and worked right through lunch and 12 hours later we were still decorating the rooms. We just have so many teddies, ornaments and all other christmassy bits that it takes time to find a home for them all.
We did stop for dinner and its a tradition of ours to order a pizza whilst we decorate the rooms so Dominos was delivered. Yum.
We have a few new additions to our ever growing Christmas decorations this year. First is our Christmas tree. Its a foot bigger than our last and wider to but it fits in our usual tree spot and looks great. We had our old tree for a very long time so after Christmas last year we both decided it was time for a change so our tree took a trip to the local skip. I did have a panic a few weeks ago thinking we might not be able to buy one so close but the stores are packed with trees so no need to panic.

Next was two new additions and they are just amazing, The Snowman and The Snowdog Fibre Optic Canvas. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to buy them. There are lots to choose from but we decided on these two. One is portrait and the other landscape. They look great on my living room wall. 
I have a new Christmas Minnie Mouse Teddy to add to my already large collection of Disney teds. Shes come all the way from Disneyland Paris (which you will be able to read about soon). She is very cute and dressed like a snowball.
I think that is it so far for new Christmas decorations but it is only the 2nd of December so still lots of time to buy more.
So now that the decorations are up I do feel more Christmassy. I love it when the lights are twinkling in the evening and it feels all warm and cosy.
Both little J and big J are very excited already but there are still 23 sleeps to go.
Have you put your decorations up yet?


  1. We don't celebrate Christmas so don't have any decorations to put up but I do enjoy visiting people whose homes are full of festive cheer!

  2. Aww I love those Snowman canvases! They look awesome! Our decorations are still in the loft - they don't come out until the 2nd weekend in December. We are very excited though ;)

  3. I'm nowhere near ready to put up our decorations yet, I'm very impressed you have though!

  4. Aww I love the Snowman! I've not even thought about putting my decorations up yet, I'm actually starting to panic about it!

  5. I can't wait to get our decorations up this year!!! Feeling particularly festive for some reason... This weekend we'll start the festive transformation! Woo! xx

  6. I really fancy a new tree. I was hoping to have my mum's but I think she got rid of it, so I really should get a nice busy 7 footer. It's just getting round to the OH will moan

  7. Wow, you are busy buying decorations, we need to get onto this at the weekend. Mich x

  8. We don't put ours up until Luka has had his birthday, and that is on Saturday so for now we're keeping it calm at home. Can't wait to get festive though! x x


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