Disneyland Paris Christmas 2014 - Hotel New York

We have stayed in Hotel New York before but I couldn't really remember much about it except there is a yellow taxi cab outside. We had last visited 5/6 years ago so it felt all new and exciting. When we arrived check in was empty so we walked straight up tot the desk. Our room was ready which was a relief as I just wanted to get all our bags into the room and freshen up.
The hotel is really pretty and I love the New York theme. The lobby was very Christmassy with a huge tree in the corner and decorations everywhere. 
Our room was on the 5th floor of the brownstone wing. It was about three quarters down the long corridor. Little J enjoyed walking down towards the room and big J and Daddy would have races. I just pushed the pram trying not to collapse on the floor in a heap after long days in the park.
Some nights it was a huge relief seeing this door, knowing once inside I could take off my boots and relax. Its such a long day in the park and my feet got so tired.

The room was spacious even with two very large beds. There was a table and chairs, large cabinet with a TV, Mini Bar and drawers and quite a big wardrobe too.
 There was a lamp on top of the cabinet. It was supposed to be a skyscraper of some sort, maybe the Empire State Building. It was so tacky but I wanted it so badly. I love all things New York and this would have looked great in my bedroom. I don't think the hotel would have been impressed though if I had of hid it in my luggage, neither would have Daddy.
There were two restaurants for breakfast each morning. Both served exactly the same and you could choose which one to eat in. We ate in the Manhattan Suite except for one morning we ate in the other. Breakfast was the usual sausage, egg, bacon, fried potatoes and a large selection of pastries, yoghurts, cereals and fruit. 

When we stayed in the Disneyland Hotel they served hot food but last year there was none on the menu at Newport Bay, it was just cold. Big J likes to try the hot food but the rest of us stuck to just pastries and yoghurts. Breakfast was actually quite nice and it filled us up for the whole morning and into the afternoon. I particularly liked the pancakes and maple syrup, Daddy enjoyed croissants and little J found Nutella and he loved it.

There is a swimming pool and video games room in the hotel. We only managed to visit the room once throughout the stay because we were staying in the parks till late so by the time we got back it was closed. It had a few games of air hockey and driving games. It was all token based so you had to use the machine to exchange your euros for tokens.

Little J found a machine that looked fun.

Outside the hotel is very pretty, all lit up and a floating Christmas tree. There is usually an ice rink open but we didn't see it open once throughout our stay which was a shame.

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Have you stayed in a Disney hotel before?

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