Disneyland Paris Christmas 2014 - Getting There

If I am totally honest I didn't think we would make it to Disneyland Paris this year. I had spent the first 9 months of the year on extended maternity leave so was not getting paid so our usual savings pot was completely empty. We have been around Christmas time for the past 5 or 6 years so its become a tradition really. We try and plan it as early as possible but as funds were tight this year it was a complete surprise that we were going and I think that made it extra special. Daddy gave me a 2014 Disneyland Paris hoodie that he had bought for me just before we went. The excitement started to kick and I couldn't wait. 
We were flying out of Manchester and as last year we had a problem with the booking. They had put little J on Daddy's ticket and couldn't let us on the plane until a new booking had been created. We had got there just under 2 hours till take off but after all the shenanigans at checkout we were in a rush to get to the gate. We did manage to stop for two minutes to take a photo.
Once we were on the plane we could sit and relax, all we had to worry about was getting there safely, oh and trying to keep a wriggling 20 month old entertained for the duration. 
The plane didn't take off on time there was a 20 mins delay. We were sat there and I just kept thinking we could have been half way there by now. The flight is only 1hr and 15mins but with the delay it would mean we would have been sat on the plane for almost 2 hours. There were a lot of passengers with connecting flights but the pilot reassured them they would be okay. 
So once we were up in the air I mentioned to Daddy that we seemed to be going quite fast. The seatbelt sign was off although I always stay fastened anyway and I had little J on my knee so kept him fastened too. Then we hit a little bit of turbulence about 10 minutes in to the flight and the seatbelt sign stayed on for the duration of the flight after that. When we started to descend I said to big J who was sat by the window to prepare for landing as we were just about to break through the clouds before he had chance to respond there was a massive thud and we were on the ground. It was so bizarre. The pilot came on to tell us it was fog and that we had landed at Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris in just 55 minutes. He must have been going so fast and I think that is why the seatbelt sign was kept on.
  Once we had landed, got our luggage it was time to go and get the VEA. for those who don't know what the VEA is, its a big red coach that takes you to the Disney Hotels. Its quite expensive but very reliable and it drops you right on the doorstep of your hotel.
This year we were booked in to Disney Hotel New York. We stayed at Hotel New York years ago so it was nice to stay there again. 
Hotel New York is just by Disney Village so just a 5/10 minute stroll to the parks. We were all so hungry so we stopped off at McDonalds before we headed off to the parks.

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  1. Argh, we had a problem flying out of Manchester with our son's ticket too!! How strange! Glad you got there in the end though! x


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