Why Do they Do It Every Year?

When it comes to birthdays or Christmas both Daddy and I struggle to think of gifts for one another. We both know what each other likes, computer games for Daddy and Disney for me. The thing is every year from September the new games that Daddy has been waiting for all year all get released at the same time, why? It starts in September with FIFA. Now for me I would love to buy FIFA for Daddy for christmas but he never wants to wait that long, and why should he? Everyone is playing it now so to make him wait 4 months is a little naughty. 
Then there will be a couple of eagerly awaited games released in September / October. This year it was Forza, Shadow of Mordor, Destiny, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within and Drive Club. Now Daddy would love all these games and I know he can't play them all at once but it is unfair to release them all at the same time.
FIFA, Forza and Drive Club are what we call a just pick up and play game. So if Daddy has any spare time he can just pop one of these in and have a quick match or race. The others do need a little more time so he will usually only play one at a time until its complete.
Then in November there is more highly anticipated games such as Call of Duty, PES 15, Halo Master Chief Collection and Assassins Creed Unity. 
So that's 11 games all in just 3 months. Its crazy. Why? If they released one every month it wouldn't be so bad on the purse strings but to release 11 games at an average of £50 each is £550. 
I know the companies are all competitive with one another and fighting to have the most sales on the run up to Christmas but its not fair.
Daddy can wait and will usually buy FIFA and maybe get a few for Christmas but I feel sorry for the parents of children who are trying to keep up with their peers. 

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