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So big J came home this week with two very important letters from school which will lead to a very important decision. Both letters were basically the same except for the first two paragraphs. Both letters were about the 2015 school trip.
The first trip to choose from was a Trip to Andalucia. With excursions to costa del sol, Granada, Ronda, Puerto Banus and a one hour flamenco lesson, visit to Alhambra Palace and Aqualand Water Park
The second is a Trip to Northern France. With excursions to Calais, Boulogne, Le Touquet, a visit to Aqualud Water Park, Nausica Sea Centre and Bagatelle theme park.
The prices were included on the letters and Spain was £140 more but for me it would be so much better because it's flights rather than a coach. I went to France on a coach and it's soooooo long and boring.
Big J has been away on three trips so far in junior school but none in seniors yet. He went to kingswood on a two day activity holiday, a five day trip to France which he loved and a full weeks skiing holiday in yr 6. We have never been skiing before and it's weird to think he has done it without us and he was only 10 at the time.
The deposit is due in less than two weeks time which I think is a little naughty as it's £150 and there is not a lot of notice to get that sort of money together so quickly before Christmas but I know he really wants to go so we will dig deep and find some pennies. All 15,000 of them.
So for now he needs to have a think about both of the destinations and which one he would prefer but I know he will discuss it with his friends first and whatever they all decide on that will be the one he chooses.

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  1. Ohh what a tough decision! I think I would prefer the trip to Andalucia....They both sound like great trips though.
    That does seem like a lot of money to find in such a small space of time x


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