Wave Of Light - Remembering Isabella, Rosie, Poppy Seed and Baby

I recently wrote about Baby Loss Awareness Week HERE and to remember our babies we are taking part in the Wave of Light.
We have lit two candles tonight at 7pm and will leave them burning for 1 hour, to show our daughters Isabella and Rosie that we love and miss them both so much. 
Not a day goes by when we don't think about you both and what our lives would have been like with you around. 


  1. I've seen another post from a mum who lit her candle last night. Got goosebumps reading this. Hope you are ok Michelle. My hubby lost both his twins. One at 6 hrs, the other at 6 weeks. His wife passed at 48. We don't have children but over 20 years on, he still talks about his. x


Thanks for your comments. I love reading them :)