Preparing for Bonfire Night

29 October 2014

This year we are preparing for bonfire night early with Zhoodz, House of Fraser and Heatholders. Every bonfire night we buy our own fireworks and visit my mum and dad. We do our own firework display in the garden. The past few years we have been really lucky and had no rain, it's been cold but dry.
I'm hoping this year will be the same. Little J will be able to watch them this year. Last year he was to young so had no idea what was going on, his eyes did light up though when he saw all the colours.
While Daddy has been browsing at what fireworks to buy I have been looking at clothes as I like my monkeys to be wrapped up warm.
Big J hates clothes shopping he loves new clothes he just doesn't enjoy the trying on part. We have just bought some lovely tracksuit pants for big J from Nike and a lovely gillet too so he will be wearing that. He just needs a long sleeved tee or jumper to go underneath. We were sent a lovely hoodie recently from zhoodz

I have to be honest and say that I hadn't heard of zhoodz before but I am so glad I checked them out. Its new and unique and the first of its kind. They have designed a range of clothing that lets you be seen day or night. Not only does the collection of hoodies, tees and sweatshirts come with cool designs they have enhanced visibility colours and reflective designs. Perfect high visibility piece of clothing for night time. 
During the day those skulls cannot be seen but as soon as night time comes the light off a camera, or a cars headlight will reflect and the skull becomes visible.
Reasonably priced, washes great and big J absolutely loves it.
I have been browsing the House of Fraser website to try and find a nice suitable outfit for little J to wear. 
There is so much choice for both boys and girls. I used the filter to select boys age 2 and it still came up with over 1,000 options eek! 
I filtered again to jumpers and I found the perfect one. Made by Howick and priced at just £24.00, it is so cute and perfect to fit in with little J's style. It has a very wintery feel with a snowflake pattern but I know will keep him warm on bonfire night and throughout the cold months. I chose blue but it also comes in a lovely dark red colour too.
I wanted to team the jumper with some nice jeans. Jeans are perfect for winter months. They are so thick and warm and I always think they are great for little ones who are still in prams. 
I found these from Pumpkin Patch And they are currently priced at £22. The have a lovely soft feel and the have elastic at the bottom of each leg which is perfect to keep little J's leg brace in place. 
I was really please with the outfit I chose. As soon as it arrived I tried it on little J to make sure they both fitted. I ordered 2-3 in the jumper and it is quite a generous 2-3 so he will have plenty of wear and the jeans were a 2 and again a nice fit. 
He looks so grown up.
Daddy isn't getting a new outfit for bonfire night he is too old...haha but he will still be warm. You all know already we are big fans of Heat Holders. We have tried the socks and a gorgeous throw blanket and now Daddy is trying out the thermal underwear.
They are perfect for the coming winter months and Daddy has used them already. Brilliant for wearing underneath his football shirt when he goes the match - sitting still for 90 mins he is usually freezing but he's been nice and toasty.
Heat Holders have a wide range of items to buy now. I love the leggings and tights so lots of variety to choose from to help keep you warm.
So when Daddy is setting off fireworks and my two monkeys are enjoying the display I will be sat inside watching from the window. I absolutely hate Fireworks night. I wont even hold a sparkler I am that scared. So no need for me to buy nice clothes or thermal underwear because I will be indoors in the warm with a cup of tea.
* we were gifted the above items. Our opinions and thoughts are our own*


  1. I'm not a big fan of fireworks night either so I'll be spending it indoors as well x

  2. I miss fireworks a lot during Diwali the festival of lights , would love to go for bonfire night though. Love how the hoodies shines in the night , super cool! Manjiri - 'sliceoffme' blog


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