Loving My Christmas Socks Already.

Winter is my favourite time of year. I love everything about it. Daddy loves the summer, sun, light nights and wearing shorts and T shirts. I love dark winter nights, lots of layers, snuggling on the sofa with hot chocolate.
I love buying PJ's for winter because as soon as I am home and I have no where to be I get in my PJ's and nice toasty socks. 
I recently had the chance to order a set of socks from UK Tights and I had to share with you just how perfect they are for winter and Christmas time.
 The socks are Pringle Ladies Snow Flake Patterned. They are just so cute. I love them.

They come in a box of six pairs and I was actually pleasantly surprised they arrived in a box. The presentation is lovely and would be perfect to buy for a gift but I got them for myself.

The gift box has 6 colours inside there is 


Although pink is my favourite colour I have to say I prefer the red, they just look so Christmassy.

I checked the website and they are made with 80% cotton, 18% Polyamide and 2% Lycra.

They are very toasty warm and will be perfect with my Christmas Pj's

Unfortunately they are now showing out of stock as I type this, sorry I must have nabbed the last box hehe. 

You can keep checking to see whether they are in stock by viewing the website HERE.

When I ordered they arrived two days later and delivery was only £1.95 so really reasonable.

Do you like to buy winter PJ's and Socks?


  1. Love the black, grey, pink,green...yeah,love all of them! Super cute and love the box too,i like it when i feel like the company made an effort!

    1. Yeah, they are all lovely and I agree the box is lovely . Perfect Christmas present

  2. I'm trying to resist buying a Christmas jumper at the moment, there's so many lovely things out at the moment.


    1. Yep Christmas is everywhere already and we haven't even had Halloween yet!

  3. Dear Michelle,
    Thank you for reviewing our Christmassy shocks and we're glad you liked them. As Jessica says, it's getting harder not buying all Christmas related clothes, such as maxi jumpers and wood dresses with Christmas patterns, such as stars and little animals.
    Thanks again! XX


Thanks for your comments. I love reading them :)