A Walk Along The Pier

We visit Southport lots of times during the year and it is always a nice day out. We went over the weekend and although the weather is changing the pier was still lovely for an afternoon stroll

This was the first time little J had tried out his new pram we bought and we had only just got to the start of the pier before he fell asleep

Sometimes its nice to go on family days out that don't cost lots of money and today was supposed to be one of those days but we gave big J £4 to spend on the games while little J took a nap. He had a go on a motorbike game and because he came 1st he won a free go.

He spent the rest of his money trying to win a minion and he did.

Looking very proud of his win.

Just starting to walk along the pier

If you look closely you can see Blackpool tower in the distance

A game of pool at the end of the pier.

Little J wakes.

Watching Daddy and his brother play pool. Big J won.


Enjoy an ice cream

 Trying so hard to walk, bless him. He is getting better.

Heading back after a lovely afternoon stroll.


  1. I've been to Southport before, my grandparents live in St Helens. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. Its great when you can enjoy time with family and it doesn't cost a lot. Its the fact that you actually had quality time together thats so important.

  3. Sounds like a great time, seems like a fab place for a day out! xx


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