A Perfect Partnership

Last week I was invited to attend a very special launch event. I have never attended anything like this before so I was a little nervous but I travelled to Manchester and I am so glad I did. I arrived at the headquarters of PZ Cussons, the brand behind the mother and baby brand Mum & Me and was accompanied by a few fellow bloggers. The reason we had been invited was to celebrate the partnership between Pz Cussons and The Royal College of Midwives and Wellbeing of Women.

A nationwide search was made to find just one midwife who would receive financial support of £60,000 to enable the midwife to study for PhD.

Kerry Evans was chosen and we got to meet her and her manager too. Both ladies were absolutely lovely and friendly. 

They have both been on this journey together and you could see just how proud she was of Kerry. 

Kerry who has now been a midwife for 10 years told us how it was the care she had received during her first pregnancy that had inspired her to start midwifery training. 

Kerry will be focusing on how midwives can support mums who are anxious in their pregnancy. I can relate to this in so many ways because I know that I just breezed through my first pregnancy with big J. I was so young and naive and I really didn't think about anything other that 'what was next to buy for the baby' I was nervous about giving birth but I didn't have anything to compare to so I just went with it. 

Having a miscarriage, made my other pregnancies so much more nervous and I would panic at every little thing. Its nice to know you have a caring midwife there to help and talk you through these tough times.

After speaking to Kerry we had a very short presentation about the partnership and the grant offered to Kerry. I think Mum & Me is a perfect brand to team up with this amazing opportunity. 

Once the presentation had finished we were left to enjoy some afternoon tea and talk to Kerry about her journey. 

I have to share a photo of the cake cart. Wow, it was amazing. Everything looked so yummy.

I enjoyed some tea, sandwiches and cake.
Once we talked to Kerry we also spoke about the Mum & Me range. There was just so many products I was unaware of. Our local tesco must only stock 1/3 of the available products. 

My eye was drawn to the Baby Snuffles because little J has always got a runny nose. I was lucky to be able to take some home and give little J a nice bath. The smell was lovely not to over powering.
I had a really lovely time at the event and I wish Kerry the best of luck.

*I was invited to the above event and received a lovely bag of goodies*


  1. wow what a great idea baby snuffles my youngest 2 have a permanent runny nose. Hopefully supermarkets will start to stock more as i do like cussion products my self. Great post :)

  2. What a great scheme. We are constantly hearing about the acute shortage of midwives. Hopefully schemes like this will encourage more to take it up as a career. Tx

  3. What a great idea. It's fantastic that midwives can get this kind of support, as they really need some more recognition!

    Emma x

  4. What a great scheme, and what an exciting opportunity for Kerry to study for her PhD.


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