8 weeks and counting.

I actually can't believe its just 8 weeks to Christmas.
Time will go so so quickly and I know this list will get bigger but for now here is my Christmas to do this

My Christmas To Do List

1. Buy a Christmas tree
2. Try to convince daddy that blue lights in the window are not as nice as multi coloured flashing ones.
3. Make a list of all the Christmassy movies I want to watch.
4. Visit Disneyland Paris.
5. Start thinking of ideas for presents for family.
6. Go late night Christmas shopping.
7. Make a start on wrapping presents.
8. Make my Christmas songs cd for the car.
9. Buy a new Christmas tree decoration.
10. Put up our Christmas decorations up.
Have you made a Christmas To Do List yet?


  1. I haven't made a Christmas to do list but I have started Christmas shopping :) Hope you enjoy Disneyland Paris!

  2. I love late night shopping, trouble is finding someone to have the kids, unless I go on my own. I really need to get a list written down too otherwise things don't get done

  3. I haven't thought about Christmas too much yet as the week before we are going away with friends to Scotland. So I've made my winter mountaineering/winter holiday to do list! I'm sure I'll get my Christmas planning going when we get to November! I'm quite jealous of your trip to Disney Land Paris, I'd love to go at Christmas time!

  4. I'm counting down too. Always like to get everything done so that I can do lots of xmas movie watching and decorating when December comes. It's all very exciting xx

  5. I LOVE Christmas! I've already started the shopping and am so excited!!!


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