Supporting Stoptober

My local radio station has been playing the 'Stoptober' advert for the last few weeks and every time I hear it I always imagine all the people who are preparing to give up smoking for the month of October. It must be so tough.
I have never smoked so I can only imagine how hard it would be to give up smoking when you have been so used to it. I am fully supporting Stoptober and want to wish everyone the best of luck.
Have you ever thought about giving up smoking?
Has it ever passed through your mind? Does the thought of quitting smoking haunt you each time you light up? Perhaps a doctor has suggested you quit smoking? If you have answered yes to all or any of these statements then read on.
As we age our bodies exhibit the evidence of our habits and behaviours. 
Maybe it’s knee injuries from too much sport, excess weight from too much chocolate, wrinkles from too much sun exposure. It’s a fact of life. Our bodies are like road maps and definitely give more than a few clues to who we are and where we have been.
Wrinkles and laughter lines
If you are a smoker then no doubt you will have recognized a few signs of your own. Maybe it’s a few wrinkles round the eyes and mouth, a change in skin colour, yellow skin around the fingers. Maybe you feel a little more breathless. Of course we cannot see what effect smoking is having inside but we can 
hazard a guess.
Addiction is a tough thing to fight; we all know that . 
Our thoughts affect how we behave. No one telling a smoker to quit will have an effect. Any change of habit has to come from the person not from nagging, cajoling or demanding. Changing smoking behaviours can be really tough without help. Nicotine patches work for some. Others find the lack of a cigarette between their fingers is too much to take.
So is there anything that might ease the transition from being a smoker to being an ex smoker? Have a look at these
5 ways to tackle quitting smoking
1. Changing habits is vital. If you always have a cigarette with a coffee, change your beverage. If you can face it, start drinking water. The association is completely different. It’s the same for dieters. If tea always comes with a biscuit, drink water. Chocolate and H2O are not great bedfellows!
2. If you always smoke with friends in a beer garden then stay inside.
3. Take up exercise, go for a swim one day, a walk the next, join the gym, start a dance class. Start to fill your time with other things so you avoid smoking triggers.
4. What you eat can affect your desire for cigarettes. Cheese is not a great partner for tobacco but meat is. Do some research and see what can help you.
5. Try an e-cigarette that combines something in your hand that is similar to a cigarette without delivering all the toxicity of inhaling burning tobacco. You get a nicotine fox you can control. It can be used as a treat, a reward for upping the exercise, eating more healthily and staying off the tobacco.
With thought, planning and a little will power we can all change behaviours. We just need to have the desire.
To find out more about e-cigarettes visit 
Vaping Liquid
If you are planning to take the Stoptober challenge please do let me know how you get on 
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  1. Really Nice post Michelle. It is so important that we eventually all stop smoking and not because we are dead but because we recognise the impact it has on our as well as other people's lives. Your advice are all relevant, particularly the first one, which I myself used as an effective strategy. I've been successful at it for almost 5 years now!!!

  2. Great post, Like you I have never smoked before so I can only imagine how hard it must be to give up. My mum and dad both smoke and I really hope they can find the will power to give up xx

  3. I think its an amazing idea and I hope it helps people who are trying to quit smoking! fantastic advice!
    Melissa x

  4. Both of my parent's smoke and I would love them to do this! I'll try and hint by sending your post their way haha! xx

  5. Great post michelle. My husband is a smoker and i keep wishing he would give up. Not being a smoker myself i can only imagine how hard it is for him to give up. X

  6. Yes, addiction for any thing is harmful. Divert your mind in some other activities which will make you feel happy is the best way.


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