Big J is Bottom

Ever since big J walked on the stage in his nursery play as Jesus he has always looked like that is where he is meant to be - on stage! 
This was one of the things I knew I would miss as big J moved from primary to senior school - the school plays.
Over the years he has sang in the choir, at summer fairs, duets, and solos. He has been a tree, Jesus, a bull even a can of coke.
When he told me he had been given a part in his schools drama festival I was so excited. When I asked him what or who he was he said "I'm bottom, I'm a donkey"
For those like me who haven't got a clue, Nick Bottom is a character out of Midsummer Night's Dream.
He was really excited and he had quite a few lines considering it was only a 20 minute version of the play. We managed to get him a donkey mask from Amazon and he just needed to wear his own clothes.
We purchased our tickets a week before the play and I couldn't wait. I just love it when big J is on stage. He looks so comfortable and he isn't shy at all. He goes on and the audience just love him.
I have asked him over and over to do drama but he won't. He enjoys acting and singing so I don't know why but I don't want to push him when it's not something he wants to do. 
The weekend before the play big J got a really bad cold. I wasn't sure whether he would be able to do it on the Tuesday but he slept most of Sunday and managed to make it to rehearsals on the Monday. Tuesday morning little J and I woke with the worst cough, cold and runny nose. I was gutted. There was no way I could make it. I felt terrible, when I told him he did try and throw a mini tantrum but he understood. 
Daddy got to see the play and said he was brilliant. He had the audience laughing and was just great like I knew he would be. Daddy is familiar with the play because he starred it in too in school. He was Oberon King of the Fairies.
I'm not sure whether big J will pursue his acting in the future but for now he gets a HUGE Well Done.



  1. You must be so proud :) It's always good to have another string to his bow even if he prefers other disciplines.

  2. Sounds like he was made for the stage :)


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