Back To Work

Well the time had to come around eventually where I had to go back to work. I started my maternity leave back in FEB 2013 so I been off a long time.
I was given an extension on my leave due to the amount of appointments little J had on a weekly basis. I'm hoping when I return it will be just like I've never been away but I know on my first day I will be nervous. It's like when you were off school sick when you were younger and you go back everything seemed different. 
Deciding to go back to work is a hard choice for any mummy or daddy and I've found it really hard. I obviously worry that something bad might happen when I'm not there. I know little J will be walking soon and it's hard to tell how his leg will react to having his weight on it. What if it breaks? Will I feel guilty for not being there with him?
I have obviously thought all this through and I have to admit it's hard knowing I won't be with him all the time but I know he is in safe hands. 
I only work a few hours a day so he probably won't even notice I've gone :) he will be having too much fun.
If little J didn't have loads going on I would have returned to work sooner because I love my job. I know not many people can say they enjoy their job but I do. I would probably go to work for free because for me it's not about the money it's the whole package. It's fun and working with children is so rewarding. My job is close to home so I don't have any travel expenses. Everyone I work with are friends and not just colleagues and the biggest perk is that little J will be able to come to work with me once he's two. 
Have you had to go back to work after having a little one?
Did it get easier leaving them as time goes by?


  1. Ahhhh goodluck. He will miss you of course but it will be nice to watch his face as you walk back through the door. Hope it goes well for you.

  2. I hope it all goes well for you, it is a big wrench to leave little ones, but I honestly think we suffer more than they do. Good luck.


  3. I went back after a year and even with a commute and having to slightly reduce my hours to fit in with that, it worked. I was lucky in that N loved where he went and we didn't have any problems with him going to day nursery.

    I'm now working closer to home - not in the type of work I enjoy as much, but so much more convenient for nursery/and more flexibility on hours to work round nursery a bit more.

    Glad you love your job, it will make it easier. I'm sure Little J will have a great time.


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