Baby Reflux

When little J moved on to bottles, he was diagnosed with reflux. Little J would bring his bottle back up instantly after drinking it. It was horrible but after a visit to the doctor he told us he needed infant gaviscon. It was provided by the doctors on prescription and it was little sachets of powder that you added to the bottle. This really helped little J and if we ever forgot to add them he would throw up so we knew these little green sachets were doing there job.
I am a lover of googling and reading forums and one night I came across a mummy who had the same problem with her daughter. She had been diagnosed with reflux and was on gaviscon. Someone had replied to her post saying she should try Dr Browns bottles too.
I had never heard of Dr Browns before, we had bought Tommee Tippee bottles mainly because this is what we used with big J.
So after more googling, reading online forums and visiting Dr Browns website we decided to try them
The Dr Browns website had this banner statement on the bottles home page.
A complete feeding system for happier babies. Created by a physician, Dr Brown's Natural Flow® is the only baby bottle with a patented internal vent system that actually helps promote good health in babies. By eliminating the vacuum and air bubbles, it helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, burping and gas. And the positive pressure created by our system is as close to breastfeeding as your baby can get. Quite simply, it looks and works unlike any other bottle.
Sounded great but it was where to buy them as I had never seen them before but I was pleased our local Tesco had them including different flow teats.
The bottle isn't your usually bottle and it did take a little while to get used to putting the bits inside.
Basically you have the bottle then you have a long blue tube which connects to a round plastic top. They are called the reservoir and vent. I read lots of comments saying these internal parts are tricky to clean but I found the cleaning okay. When using powdered milk you have to make sure you give them proper clean because clumps can stick to the top.
Then once you have inserted that you just have the teat and lid like normal.
 We noticed the difference in the little J instantly when using the Dr Browns. In between feeding he was burping easily and not spitting up as much. He seemed more content and happy.
Since then I have seen lots of babies while out and about using Dr Browns so I know how popular they are.
We continued to used Dr Browns and I wouldn't have gone to any other brand.
To view more from the Dr Browns range visit the website HERE


  1. they sound brilliant and its fantastic they reduce reflux!

  2. I'm so pleased you found something that worked! The Dr Browns bottles make so much sense, it's a wonder other brands aren't introducing the system too. xx

    1. I think that's what make them so unique no one else has clicked yet that this is the way forward x

  3. Great blog post im sure this will help many moms having the same problem and what a cutie xx

  4. I'm lucky that none of my three had reflux; I've seen the nightmare it can be for the whole family when a baby is suffering. Great that there's something non-medicinal that can make a real difference.

    1. Oh it's horrific. Glad you didn't have to watch your little ones suffer x

  5. Gosh yes, my son has reflux very bad when he was newly born. All I was told was to try was some kind of purple grape juice. Terrible advice. Never worked!

  6. Pleased you found something that worked. Your little boy is gorgeous too x


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