Time to build with K'NEX

So after a busy Day 10 of #OurSummerDays it was time to chill with a nice relaxing activity. We had been sent a K'NEX set to help us create a model that could be entered into a competition.
Big J knew exactly what he wanted to build. He loves planes and because we are not going away on one this summer he wanted to create one.
The box was quite large and was in the design of a trunk or chest.
When we opened it there was a bag of pieces
and an instruction manual.
 If I am being honest first impressions were not good. There was a huge box and the bag of pieces inside could have fitted easily into a box half the size.
Big J on the other hand couldn't wait to get stuck in and just opened the bag and tipped the contents on the floor. He wanted to know exactly what pieces were included and what he could use to build his plane.
When we opened the instruction manual it does give detailed instructions for 10 models and you can go online and download a further 25.
Luckily a plane was one of the detailed models in the instruction guide so he followed that.
Big J is 12 and this set was made for 7+ so he did find the instructions quite easy to read and the pictures really helped too.

The pieces were very easy to use and the connect together perfectly so there is minimal chance of it breaking unlike some modelling kits.

Once the body of the plane was done it was time to start making the propellers and wings.

Big J seemed very happy with his plane

The box we were sent is called the K'NEX 35 Model Ultimate Building Chest. It includes 480 pieces but these are mostly Micro K'NEX.

Most of the models in the instructions and downloadable content are built using the micro pieces so are smaller than if building with classic pieces.

Once we had finished I put all the pieces in the plastic bag and then the bigger box actually came in handy because big J was able to put his plane in there away from the tiny hands of his younger brother.

Overall big J had lots of fun making his plane and will build more models I'm sure over the summer so watch this space.

The plane is entered into a K'NEX Competition - Good Luck Big J

*we were sent the K'NEX set to help us create a model to be entered into a competition, all thoughts above are our own. *


  1. Oh wow I remember these form when I was a kid. Great post x

  2. my daughter loves them and she also loves lego kits!


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