#OurSummerDays Day 26 - The Warner Brothers Studio Tour - Harry Potter

We are huge fans of Harry Potter and were really looking forward to making our way down South to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour - The making of Harry Potter
I had read all about the tour but I have to say now before I carry on, this really is a must see attraction and reading about it didn't really prepare me for how amazing it was.
When we arrived we were greeted by a car park attendant who checked our tickets and showed us to our car parking space.
Tickets are timed and we had a ticket for 12:30pm. The tour allows a certain number of guests in at the time on your ticket so it doesn't get too over crowded.
When you enter the huge building there are large photographs on the wall of all the characters. There is a cafe to your left and a large gift shop to your right. Straight ahead is the entrance to the tour. It is advised to arrive 20 minutes before the time on your ticket.
We joined the queue to enter and as we waited we spotted the cupboard under the stairs where Harry lived.
At the beginning of tour we gathered into a room, all the posters from the movies were on the wall. There was a member of staff inside the room who talked us through the posters and the different languages they were in. We watched a short film and then the doors opened and we entered another room which was similar to a cinema. 
We sat down and the short film started. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson appeared on the screen and talked about how this studio had been there 2nd home while they filmed all of the movies there. 
When the film had finished, the screen went up and behind was the entrance to The Great Hall. When we entered the great hall I was shocked and amazed at how big it was. I wasn't expecting it to be real but it was. It was an actual room, a big hall. It was just like it is on the film except for the enchanted ceiling. The tables were laid out and there was the models stood around wearing the uniform that represents their house colours.
At the end of the hall the models of the teachers were stood like in the films. Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape and a few others.
You can spend as much or as little time in the great hall as you want, we took lots of photos and spent time looking at all the amazing detail on the tables and walls. 
Once we had finished we moved into the next part of the tour which was one big room which was broken down into various sections and sets. 
There are lots of props and I still couldn't believe just how real all the props and sets are. We visited the sets of Dumbledores Office, The Gryffindor Common Room, The Boys Bedroom and stumbled upon tons of props,
The cabinets had some of the films most precious props such as the goblet of fire, the tri wizard cup and the horcruxes.

The potions classroom is a huge set and has so much details with lots of potions bottles and cauldrons. There is also a model of Snape stood in the middle.

Big J joined in with a how to use a wand lesson. There was a selection of wands to choose from, he chose a DeathEaters wand.

He did really well and would make a great wizard.

Just before we got to the Ministry of Magic Section Big J took part in the green screen experience.

Here you get to fly a broom or ride in the Weasley car. There was a queue but it moved quite quickly. Big J wanted to fly a broom. He was given a robe which he wore and mounted the broomstic. No cameras were allowed in this section but you have the option to buy a DVD/USB and/or photos.

We chose to buy all the photos and the USB. The photos show big J in various locations on a broomstick, they are brilliant. The USB has a 3 minute film and a clip of big J flying through the air and it actually looks like he is flying.

The cost of the USB and the 4 photos was £40. You can buy them separately if you don't wish to buy all 4.

The Ministry of Magic section is next before you move into an outdoor area.

Umbridges office is here, plus the large Black family tree tapestry that is featured in The Order of Phoenix.

Luckily the rain had stopped and the sun was shining down when we stepped outside.

Big J was looking forward to trying a butterbeer all day and this is where you can purchase it. Unfortunately the hype didn't last very long because after one sip he said it was disgusting. haha. I told him I had read about it and people saying it is an acquired taste but he wanted to try it anyway. It was £2.95 for a small plastic cup and there were other options available including a butterbeer glass too. Daddy had a try and he wasn't fussed either but I managed to get both of them wearing a butterbeer moustache.

There are lots of huge sets outside including the Knight bus which is the size of an actual bus and Privet drive. Big J knocked at number 4 to see if the Dursleys were at home.

You may have noticed I haven't mentioned little J up till now. He was with us but he fell asleep as we entered the tour and only woke up as we stepped outside. Just in time for his bottle. No food or drink can be consumed inside so if you fancy a drink or bite to eat you will have to wait till you are outside.

The bridge is outside and you can walk along it. The Weasley Car is outside and you can sit inside and also Hagrids Motorbike.

Once you have finished outside its time to go into the final part of the tour.

There are lots of creature props and models of the characters. Big J loves Dobby so we snapped a photo. Dobby looks so small.

I never thought we would be able to walk along Diagon Alley but we did. Its a proper cobbled street with Gringotts and Olivanders. Flourish and Blotts with a photo of Gilderoy Lockhart in the window and the Weasleys Joke shop.

The best part of the tour for me was the GIGANTIC model of Hogwarts. You can see from the photo of Daddy above just how big the model is. Its so realistic and it took my breath away. It is amazing.

They saved the best for last and I honestly couldn't believe how big it was.

Once the tour finishes you walk through the gift shop which has so many souvenirs and gifts. Big J was allowed to choose a souvenir and after about 30 minutes of looking round he chose to buy an Elder Wand and a Chocolate frog.

I chose a time turner keyring and Daddy chose a marauders map mug.

Big J was lucky to also receive a goody bag from Warner Brothers with some lovely gifts inside

We took over 4 hours to complete the tour/gift shop and we loved every second and I would return tomorrow - it really is amazing.

*we received complimentary tickets to the tour - all thoughts above are our own*


  1. We plan to go here in October for my oldest's birthday! It just looks so amazing, we are massive Harry Potter fans! Fab photos! x

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  9. This looks amazing! I am so jealous, sounds like you had an amazing day. I'd love to go but I'd have to go to America first haha.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

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  15. I absolutely love the Harry Potter Studio Tours and am so excited to be going back for our 3rd visit during the October half-term! I can't wait to see all the new additions! We are all massive Harry Potter fans!


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