#OurSummerDays Day 25 Our Amazing Time at Lollibop 2014

I have never been to a festival or a big weekend concert, so when I got the chance to attend Lollibop I jumped at the chance. It is the festival for little people and perfect for me, daddy and my monkeys. 

We were away the week before Lollibop so we headed down the east coast on the Friday ready to attend on Saturday. We were tired from the week but every bit excited at all the great acts and activities to see and do. 

When we approached the entrance to Lollibop there was a huge traffic queue but it went quite quickly. I thought we would be stuck for hours but we were in and parked up with 30 minutes which wasn't so bad. 

The car park was a huge field with lots of staff directing traffic. We parked in the VIP section, we found a space very quickly and were ready to start our day. 

We entered through a big bright rainbow and was greeted by a huge inflatable teddy bear and Lollibop sign. Everyone was trying to get their photo with the bear and sign and we managed to squeeze in at the side.

We had a quick look at the map to see where we were heading to first. We all decided to queue for Thomas the tank Engine and let little J has his photo taken. The queue was quite large I think it was mainly because it was the first thing you saw when you walked in or it could be that Thomas is very popular. 

There were a few small children trying to climb on Thomas but they were politely told there was a queue and if they wanted to see Thomas they would have to wait. He certainly is a favourite with the little ones.

When we reached the front Daddy lifted little J on to Thomas. He was happy just sitting in the drivers seat looking out at all the people. When it was time to get off he screamed. He was really upset. I think he would have stayed there all day if we had of let him.

We moved around the stands that were dotted around Thomas. There were a few competitions. Guess how many bricks were in the container to win some Thomas Goodies. Then there was guess how many books it would take to be as tall as the Fat Controller. We all entered and popped our guesses into the entry box. Fingers crossed :)

Then there was a stall that was very similar to hook a duck but it was hook a Thomas. It was free to enter and both little J and Big J took a turn. They both picked out a Thomas with a number 1 underneath and won a mange it photo frame. 

Big J then had a go at a bean bag toss game. You had to knock down bricks that were stacked. He managed to knock down a few and win a sticker box and crayons set. Well done Big J.

Then there was an area perfect for Thomas fans. You could colour some pictures of Thomas or build in the blocks area. Little J was a little too young for this so we moved past. They were two ball pits ahead that had Thomas trains hidden somewhere under the balls and to win a prize you had to find one of them. Little J was just interested in playing in the ball pit and throwing balls around but with the help of his big brother he managed to find one and won a tattoo.

So that was the Thomas section done for us. There was a tent showing a Thomas film but it was a little too old for little J, he probably would sit still for that long but perfect for older children who wanted to sit and chill.

This was only a small part of Lollibop and we still had so much to see and do but we decided to make our way to the VIP area next mainly to have a little nose around before we moved on.

The VIP area is great and I would recommend anyone who visits in 2015 to get VIP Tickets or upgrade on the day. You have your own picnic area, huge bean bags to chill on in the sun, baby change, toilets, food area, face painting, sand pit, disco and VIP Meet and Greet.

After a very swift visit to the VIP we moved on to the next area. Little J had fell asleep so we decided to visit the areas he may not be interested in. 

We popped into the National Geographic tent and saw the biggest tarantula I have ever seen, it was huge. It was in a plastic cage so we were able to see it up close. It really was big and hairy. Big J loves reading about spiders so was interested in finding out more about it on the information leaflet. There was also a huge millipede to look at. 

There was a River Island Kids Design Tent next and after having a little look in, it seemed your little ones could design their own T-shirt. Probably too young for big J and too old for little J but it was very popular. There was a queue but I noticed a few children with tees on later on in the day and they looked fab so would definitely be worth the wait.

We wandered over to the science museum section and I was really excited to see gloop. I'm not sure if this is the proper name of it but it's what I call it. It's very simple to make and lots of fun. I was talking to the staff member who was in charge of gloop and she too was quite happy playing in it. Gloop is just cornflour and water and when it's ready it forms a hard exterior but once you put your fingers in it, it turns soft and just runs through your fingers. It's so much fun, easy to make and the kids love it. Even I had a go. Daddy didn't want have a play in it, he hates anything like that on his hands. Once we had finished we noticed the actor Simon Pegg getting his hands messy in the gloop with his daughter. Big J is a huge fan of Simon Pegg but was too shy to ask for his photograph.

Next was a huge big wire and you had to beat the buzzer. With a steady hand big J only buzzed twice.

Big J wanted a go at the football skills with Tottenham Hotspur. There was no queue and he had to hit the ball and it measured his speed.

Next it was time to move across the field and head to some more tents and activities. We passed the adult crèche and lots of food vans. We stopped at the strawberry stall and big J and I enjoyed some delicious strawberries and marshmallows in hot Belgian chocolate - yummy!

We had a look at some of the stall selling various gifts and toys and stumbled upon the wizard school were a Harry Potter and Hagrid were talking about how to use a broom. 

It was quite busy so I wandered around with the pram and just caught the end of Peter Rabbit in the story tent.

Once big J and Daddy had finished watching Harry and Hagrid we walked across an empty part of the field only to bump into Titan The Robot. He was just in front of us and although we have seen him before in Butlins and Liverpool we had never been this close. He is so funny and puts on a great show. I've always wondered if someone is actually inside?

I couldn't believe it when we looked at the time and it was almost 3 o'clock, which in Lollibop meant JUSTIN time. We dashed over to the Lollibop stage which was filled with crowds of people waiting for the man himself. We didn't have a great view but we couldn't squeeze any closer. It was just so busy. I think people must have started getting their spaces hours before. We love Justin and have done for the past 12 years since big J was a baby. He is so talented and the kids all screamed when he stepped on the stage.
He did lots of children's songs and we all had a nice boogie and did the actions. The kids just love him and they were all joining in singing and dancing. At the end of the set he thanked the audience for their support over the last 22 years. I couldn't believe he has been entertaining for that long.
After we had danced and sung along with Justin it was time for food. There is a lot of choice with a whole section dedicated to food and drink. We just grabbed some chips and little and big J had a burger. The prices were expected - £2.50 for a cone of chips.

We headed next to the large Little Tikes area. We joined the queue and we were given a blue visor for little J to wear, we registered and when it was soon our turn to go in.
The area was filled with toys, cars, slides etc and was surrounded by a white picket fence. Everyone who entered had a blue visor on and played until it was time to leave. The staff had a stop watch so I think we were given about 5-8 minutes of playtime and once the whistle went it was time to leave and then kids with red visors were allowed in.  This was managed really well.
Little J loved the little tikes area. He played in a car for a little while then came towards the front were there were toys on soft mats. He was really enjoying himself. I looked around and realised I don't think little J owns any little tikes toys at all. His brother had lots when he was younger.
You can imagine when it was time to go there were a lot of unhappy little ones but you could just join the queue again if you wanted to go back in.
By now Lollibop seemed empty, it was almost 5:30 and I think some people had started to leave.

Big and little J were tired by now so we just popped over to the bubble tent to buy a bubble gun before we headed out. Big J wanted a minion balloon too so we got that and headed to the car.
It really was a great day and I would honestly recommend it to anyone. There is so much to see and do and if you want to watch more of the live acts I would recommend a two day ticket.

 You can still visit Lollibop Website to read all about it.
*As an official mummy blogger for Lollibop - we were given complimentary tickets*


  1. Looks like you had so much fun! Lovely pictures xx

  2. Looks like you all had a fantastic time. George would have loved it too.

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  4. Looks like it was a great day. I think maybe next year we'll have to try and get there. I can't believe Justin's been around that long. I'd never heard of him until having N, and he's only 3.5years

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  7. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great time!

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  15. Great stealth shot of Simon Pegg - I too really wanted to go and meet him but didn't want to interrupt - hubby got to shake his hand though and I bumped into Olivia Coleman (literally) as I was chasing Eliza #oops

  16. Enjoying summer with family and friends is the great things in our life.


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