#OurSummerDays Day 24 at Butlins, Skegness - Out and About

Out and About 

Skegness is just a 10 minute drive from Butlins.

It has a lovely pier, beach and outdoor fairground. It was really sunny when we arrived but it started to rain shortly after so our trip was cut short.

Parking is well signposted and we chose an all day for £4 which was just a five minute walk away from the front.

The pier is only short but there are benches along the way, telescopes and some stands selling beach goodies.

It was a shame it rained as we were going to go on more fairground rides, but we just went on the pirate ship.

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  1. I love Butlins holidays, I've never been to Skegness but it sounds great :)

  2. Oh wow looks like you all had a very fun day out and super reasonable peking (expensive parking is a real pet hate of mine) Thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

  3. I visited the pier many years ago. Of course, the thing about England is the constant rain. It's sure to spoil some part of your outdoor activity.

  4. Wow just £4 for all day parking, that's amazing! Shame about the rain though :(

  5. Going to have to book to go soon looks great


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