#OurSummerDays Day 22 at Butlins, Skegness - The Fairground

The Fairground
We visited the fair every day. Big J loves one of the rides there called the Miami Wave and we went on it lots, every day. He enjoyed going on it over and over. Daddy and I both went on it although I couldn't go on it as often as big J because it does turn your stomach.

There is a little stars playground which is perfect for little J and he loved all the rides and went on them all every day too. There is also a little train ride in the main fair which is perfect for him too.

There was very rarely a queue for any of the rides so not much waiting involved to get on the rides. The rides are typical fairground rides, there is a carousel, dodgems, waltzers, a small pirate ship, an American hat type ride and the Miami wave. All these including the little stars playground are free of charge. There is a charge for the go karts which is £5 per go.

The rides are open late Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday till 9pm which is good if you don't want to go and see the shows that are on in the evening.

Like I said the fair is very typical and I would have liked to see some modern rides, one of them actually had graffiti on dated year 2000. Although very basic it did the job and my two monkeys did enjoy themselves.

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  1. I always wanted to go to Butlins when I was a child, Barry Island looked so much fun.

  2. Such lovely photos, we always had so much fun on the fair when we used to take my oldest when he was little x

  3. Looks like the kids are having a great time, never been to butlins but might take my wee one when's he older :-)

  4. Looks amazing
    Have to go soon


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