#OurSummerDays Day 11

DAY 11

Wet and Windy

Today was yet another wet and miserable day. So for the best part of the day we just stayed inside.

I spent most of day doing some washing while little J watched. Big J took some time out an read his Diary of a wimpy kid book. Then little J practiced his walking while we built a den using our teddy bears picnic blanket from yesterday.

Little J spent most of the afternoon sleeping so we had a game of Harry Potter, Destination.

Later on the rain passed and we got sunshine for over 1 hour so he drove to the park so we could burn off some energy. There was not a soul in sight. We were the only ones there - so no queues for the swings.
31 days of #OurSummerDays fun left.


  1. Glad you're enjoying your summer holidays. My two love going to the park.

  2. I love that den! What fun you managed to have despite the rain!

  3. Nice to hear that you're enjoying the holidays. It must be tough trying to entertain the kids everyday.

  4. that park looks so much fun! Glad you didnt let the rain stop you x

  5. I love how you have been documenting the summer, Thank you for linking up!


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