Our Teddy Bears Picnic

Day 10 of #OurSummerDays was a very wet and chilly day and we spent it inside. We planned lots of activities and didn't let the rain dampen our spirits.

Late afternoon it was time to prepare for our Teddy Bears Picnic.

We had planned to do the picnic outside but the rain meant we couldn't. There was no reason to cancel it and I had just the items to make it perfect. It was such a wet and chilly day so I was so pleased I had my heat holders socks ready to wear to keep my feet warm. 

Heat holders had also provided us with large blanket which was perfect for us to put on the floor and use as a picnic blanket. It is so soft and little J kept putting his head on it. When I unfolded it, it was huge and filled the floor. It was great.

So it was time to set up the picnic - I let little J pick what he wanted to include in the picnic. He chose a Barney Cake, Milky bar buttons and a yoghurt. Some delicious Ribena for our drink. We got out all the plates and cups and then filled them with the tasty treats.

Then we had to decide which teddies were invited. Little J chose his huge big ted, stuffy from Doc McStuffins, Bolt, Green rabbit and Lady from Lady and the tramp.

He snuggled in next to big Ted and started to eat. I had my heat holders socks on and was lovely and toasty.

Everyone enjoyed all their food although little J kept pinching off other guests plates.

and lady enjoyed her yoghurt.

Another perfect rainy day activity and we had lots of fun although after the picnic everyone went off to play and I was left doing the dishes.
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So another fun and rainy activity done,
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  1. What a shame you had bad weather, we haven't experienced any yet this holiday (touch wood!).

  2. Such a shame about the weather! But it looks like you still had a fun time and the kiddies too! xxx


  3. It is a shame when the weather doesn't play ball for things you have planned. We have a teddy bears picnic planned for today, but it is saying heavy rain later so I'm not sure what to do now.



  4. Shame about the weather, but at least you didn't let that stop you! How cute is that picnic!

  5. It was nice of them to send you a blanket aswell, at least the carpet will be protected from spills too


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