Our Stay at The Ramada London North

You may have already read here that Ramada London North gave us a room for the night before our day out at Lollibop. We had travelled for almost 4 hours from being away for the week so we were exhausted and were looking forward to a nice sleep to recharge our batteries.We rang on the way to make sure that we had the correct postcode and also that there would be a travel cot in the room when we got there.

When we were almost 5 minutes away from the hotel the Sat Nat took us through a housing estate which I knew couldn't be right as the Ramada London North is situated at a Welcome Break, off the M1. We followed the sat nav anyway and ended up approaching the hotel from the back which we shouldn't have as it looked like a private road but it was too late to turn round. Oops.
The car park at the hotel was free of charge which was a nice surprise as usually London hotels charge. On arrival we checked in and the reception staff were lovely and pleasant.
Our room was on the ground floor to the left and we had the last room so we were on the end.
We were so tired after the journey and just wanted to get our heads down. There was no cot in the room so that was a little disappointing after we had rang to confirm. 
The room itself was very big and had a huge queen sized bed. Unfortunately Big J's bed was a roll out bed so he was pretty much on the floor. It wasn't too bad because it was quite warm but it could be quite cold down there in the winter. 
Once little J's cot arrived he snuggled in and fell asleep.
There was a TV in the room and free wifi which was great for us all to catch up as our internet had been quite limited the week before.
There was only 1 plug socket (2 including the TV) in the room so we took it in turns to charge our phones.

The bathroom was really clean and spacious. Big J had a bath which is unusual for him he normally grabs a quick shower.

When we arrived I had noticed a nice bar and restaurant to the left of the reception but we were too tired and little J had fell asleep so Daddy popped out to get drinks to bring back the room.
The hotel faces a motorway and backs onto train tracks so I'm not sure which is noisier but we were at the back and the high speed trains were whizzing past throughout the evening. They are so fast and so loud. I didn't hear them much after midnight but after 6am they became more frequent again. I cant imagine the front of the hotel being this noisy so if you are planning a trip maybe ask for motorway facing.

I was really pleased with the hotel and there was no complaints from us. The cot was brought to the room within 20 minutes which was great and staff that we met were very friendly.

I was unsure how I would feel about staying at a services but it didn't really feel like that because the hotel is set back. Its quite a large hotel too with its own large car park so I didn't really think about it being so close to a service station.


What We Liked

Free Parking

Spacious Rooms

Free Wifi

Perfect base for visiting the capital which is just 10 miles away

What Could Improve

The noise from the trains was very very loud. This wasn't mentioned to us when booking or on arrival. 

The roll out bed was just a mattress on the floor. It could be quite cold down there in winter months.

Only 2 plug sockets (1 includes the TV)


To find out more about the Ramada London North visit the website.

Have you stayed at a Ramada before? How did you find it?


  1. That looks great and budget friendly, staying central costs so much! I like to stay in Hampton by Hilton which is the Hilton budget hotels. The free breakfast is great and the prices are reasonable x

  2. Those satnavs cause all sorts of problems. haha. At least you arrived at your destination. All you needed was a good, clean place to rest, and that's what you got. Luxury would have been wasted.

  3. Never been to Ramada but it looks like it satisfied your needs. I wonder if there is one in south london?

  4. I've never stayed in a Ramada, looking at that bed it wouldn't be somewhere I would be happy staying either, I hope it was comfy lol x

  5. Looks great and glad you had a good time! X

  6. I've never stayed in their hotel but it looks nice, clean and very functional; I like it.

  7. A spacious bathroom! That isn't usually the case.

  8. I've stayed in Ramada before and even though you don't get any of the little quirks that make some hotels attractive, you know what to expect with them. I'm glad you got to have this night away!

  9. Looks like you got a reasonable nights sleep:) Have to admit I am always wound up by lack of cot when specifically requested - not as patient as you!

  10. I don't think I've ever stayed at a Ramada. Looks great value for money though, and a nice big room. Roll away beds are a little bit of an annoyance, especially when your child is 17!

  11. That looks like a lovely budget hotel room. I normally stay in a Travelodge or Premier Inn x


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