Making Lolly Ices

#OurSummerDays is in full swing and today on Day 10 we made some lolly ices. You can read what else we got up to here

 We had already planned to do this sometime in the week maybe on a nice summer day but after looking at the forecast it seems the rain is here to stay for a little while. We decided to make some today and we thought to make it even better we would play a guess the flavour.

To help us make some lolly ices, Sykes Cottages sent us a lovely recipe book and a lolly ice mould. The lolly ice mould can hold 8 lolly ices and has 4 different coloured lids (lolly ice sticks).

 Big J asked if he could make different drinks flavours and then we can play a guessing game later as to which flavour we had. We mixed a few flavours together too.

We poured the drinks into the moulds. ( little tip - if using fizzy drinks don't fill all the way to the top )

We used

Lucozade Sport - Brazilian Guava 

Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max with added jelly belly bean Cherry flavour, to make cherry coke



Strawberry water

Carling beer - for daddy

Strawberry Lambrini - for mummy 

When we had filled them up and put the different coloured lids on.  We didn't want to cheat so because we knew which flavour was in which mould when it came to tasting we would be blind folded.

We left them in the freezer for four hours and then we peeked to see if they were done. They had leaked a little over the side but that's because we had filled the fizzy drinks right to the top - they must have expanded in the freezer. 

So when they had set we played the guess the flavour game. 

It was lots of fun and MOST of the flavours were really tasty. Daddy wasn't keen on his beer flavoured lolly ice and I preferred cherry coke to my strawberry lambrini one.

I managed to get three right, daddy got 4 correct and big J got 7 out of the 8 well done big J.

His favourite was a Lucozade Brazilian Guava. It was quite tangy but very refreshing. 

It was a lovely 'family time' activity and perfect for the rainy day.

We are entering our efforts into a lolly ice competition thanks to Sykes Cottages.
*we received a payment to spend on ingredient's, a lolly ice mould and a recipe book. We are entering in Sykes Cottages lolly ice competition. Any thoughts or opinions above are our own*


  1. This is a really fun thing to do! I recently made some with tropical juice and cherries (video on mhy instagram) and I will deffo do this when the kids are old enough xXx

    Follow me too? Oh So Gawjess

  2. ... and good luck in the competition =) Fingers crossed.


  3. Such a lovely idea. I need to try this while the weather's still nice! x

  4. I like the choice of your flavours some children's and some adults, I'd be tempted to make a pimms and lemonade lolly!

    Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me

  5. this looks like so much fun, I Iike adding fruit to mine x


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