Keeping Your House Secure With Piper

Piper has just been released to the UK market and we have been trying it out. Piper is a home security system which basically puts you in control. You set up the rules and you monitor any activity.
The Piper device is equipped with a motion detector, microphone, a siren that is so loud it could wake up the whole street, and a back up battery for peace of mind and constant protection.
Once you have plugged in The Piper you connect to your smart device (iOS or Android). From there you set up the rules.

The Dashboard has everything you need to control your Piper and is so easy to navigate round. I am not very good with devices, apps or programs but this is really straight forward to use and understand.
There are three options for you to set up rules for.
At Home,
Each option above gives you the chance to be notified if
a motion is detected
a loud sound is detected
the temperature changes
a door opens
So for example if you are nipping to the shops (away mode) and any of the above occur you can choose how you want to be notified for each action.
Piper can record live video for you so you can see what's going on.
It can send you a push message, email, phone call or text
It could notify your trusted circle. Maybe a relative or neighbour
Sound the siren
You can set as many or as little of the notifications as you wish its totally up to you, the best part is you can do this all from your smart device.
We have chose all four for that extra piece of mind.

So what happens if a loud sound or motion is detected?
As well as a being notified you will have full details recorded in your events. This will allow you to click play and view what the motion or loud sound was.
We tried it out and we moved around, made loud noises etc and we were notified almost instantly.
If you were in the house, maybe upstairs and you had put the Piper on and a loud noise, motion ect was detected there is a bedside panic button. Press it and it activates a siren. It is so loud it would scare anyone away and wake up your neighbours.

At any time you can also watch live video which will play with sound through your smart device and you can also talk through your smart device to. You can do this by switching on the two way microphone. This is great if you have pets at home or you want to communicate with family.

The Camera view is so wide and can show a whole room all at once. you can zoom in and out too which is great if you wanted to see a certain part of the room.
Having this device has made me feel safer whilst we were away recently. We could look at our house through the live feed and make sure everything was okay, lights had come on etc. even asleep at night it's nice to know you are protected.
 I can access a full live video of our home wherever there is a 3G signal or Wifi.
Piper currently sells for €149 for 1 Piper but You can visit the Piper website for more information and view the different options available.
*we were sent a Piper to try - all thoughts above are our own*


  1. That's very clever and I love the fact you can control it all from your phone. Would be great to have access to a camera in your home while you are on holiday.

  2. Sounds interesting and well thought out. I think I'd be petrified of the siren going off whilst we were away and annoying the hell out of the neighbours - but technology isn't my strong point!

  3. I love these, I think they're a great idea although I'd probably have to let my husband be in control, he loves his gadgets.

  4. This sounds really cool and innovative, however I think I would feel more comfortable using it when am on holiday. However I do think its quite smart and ideal.


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