Happy 1st Birthday Prince George

Where does the time go? Today Prince George is celebrating his first birthday.  I couldn't actually believe a year has gone by since he was born.
I think Kate and William are excellent parents and I love seeing photos of them all together as a family. Kate has done a brilliant job as a new mummy and gets stuck in like the rest of us. She really reminds me of Diana and I hope she stays that way. Prince George always looks so happy and content
It did get me thinking about time and how time really does fly. Before I know it little J will be starting nursery and my big J will be starting year 8.
I am looking forward to spending the summer holidays with my two monkeys. I love spending quality time with them both and even though the age gap is 11 years we always find somewhere or something that suits them both.
Its so important to treasure every minute because before you know it they are not little ones anymore.
Happy Birthday Prince George

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