Going Crazy for Looms

So this time last week we had  absolutely no idea what a loom was, what you do with it and what it makes but now we are a whizz at it and we've got the loom bands as proof.
It all started when one of big J's friends made him a loom band and he brought it home from school. I told big J when I was little we used to have something similar and we would make or buy them - we called them friendship bands.
Big J asked if I would get him some. They are called looms and you can get them in multi colours of the internet. If I am honest I forgot all about it until I was walking past the Entertainer toy shop when I saw them in the window. I popped in an there was so many people taking them off the shelves, filling their baskets and signing up to loom club. I instantly thought so this is the new craze then.
I picked a couple bags up they were in the colours of Brazil so I thought they would be ideal for Big J as the world cup has just started.
They were priced at £1 a bag and have 250 looms inside, some sort of hook and s clips. So when big J got home we needed to learn how to make a loom. The bags didn't come with instructions but we had You Tube to help us out. There are absolutely hundreds of videos on You Tube showing you how to make a loom band. We chose one of a young girl and I was shocked she had over 9 million views.
She had a pegboard which she was using to make them but big J was convinced we could use our fingers which we did until mine started going purple and I couldn't fit any more looms on it. I got an idea to use pens. So we used the pens and it made me laugh because we looked like we were knitting.
I actually found it quite relaxing and I cant believe how long big J sat doing something without checking his phone.
So we pretty much used all the colours we wanted out of the bags I bought so big J asked if we could get some more because he wanted to make world cup bands with colours of the teams he was supporting.
It was only a day later so I thought we would just walk into a shop, buy them and be on our way home. 3 Hours later we still didn't have any looms. Everywhere had sold out. Most places just had starter kits.
We eventually did find some and made it home in time for the Nederlands v Spain game were big J sat and made another 2 bands.
So I wanted big J to do a video on how to make looms but he is too shy - ha ha so for anyone who is interested in finding out I would check out You Tube
Even little J has one
Just a little tip I use about 45-50 looms for my wrist so make sure you have enough of the colours you want before you start.


  1. My two have very nice friends who make these for them.

  2. Oh yes, it's a craze all right. My daughter and her group of friends are Loom mad. I'm finding the little multicoloured loops all over the house - in the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroomss etc etc. She's even made a few Loom bracelets for me. I have to wear them - of course ;)

  3. hahaha! Loom bands are everywhere....Forks are handy to make them too....hehehe So my girls tell me anyway! I haven't got the hang of making them yet x


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