Baker Days Cakes Was a Perfect Gift for Daddy

  I love personalised gifts, whether it's cards, photos, teddies and now you can even get cakes.
Baker Days asked me to review a cake from their letterbox range and with Father's Day approaching I thought it would be nice to get one for Daddy.

I went to the Baker Days website and browsed the huge selection of cakes. There were lots to choose from in the Father's Day section but I picked a lovely one that I could add a photo too.
Once you have decided which cake you wish to buy there are options which you can select to meet your needs.
Letterbox - 5inch
Small - 7inch
Medium - 9inch
Large - 12inch
Then you can choose a variety of different recipes including Sponge, Chocolate Chip, Fruit, Gluten Free and Dairy Free.
When it arrived I had a sneak peak as it was supposed to be for Daddy but I couldn't resist. It was lovely.

It fitted through the letter but it was protected by the postage box and the cake was inside a 'Just for You' round cake tin. It also arrived with a card, party horn, balloons and candles.

The photograph I had added to the cake was perfect and when we showed Daddy he loved it.
We have a few birthdays coming up and I have already started browsing cakes from the Personalised Birthday Cake and Cup Cakes range.
Baker Days Cakes start from as little as £14.99 and you can view all 400 designs by visiting Baker Days Website
*we received a baker days letterbox cake for the purpose of the review above. All thoughts and opinions are our own*


  1. I Love their cakes. We had one for Cameron's birthday last year. I love the fact it comes in it's own little tin.

    Will definitely be ordering from them again in the future

    Laura x x x

  2. Oh so cute!! Never seen anything like this before :) xx

  3. They are great cakes....I've tried them before!! I love the tins they come in x

  4. that's so cute and very convenient. I tried decorating my own this weekend and it was a nightmare x

  5. Gorgeous idea....though I'm not sure how D would feel about scoffing his own face! :-)


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