You can't beat a day out in Southport

I love Southport and I remember going on family days out there when I was younger. Travelling there was such a huge part of the day. We would go by train and it felt like so far away when I was little when actually it's only a 40 minute drive.
We visited on Easter Monday and it was a lovely day out
Southport is such a lovely seaside and it always smells like fish and chips :)
We took a walk up the pier. Its a 1 and a half mile round trip.
 Little J was trying out his new SmartTrike
 At the end of the Pier is old arcade machines. You put £1 in a change machine and it gives you 10 old Pennies - They are huge. Each machine takes just 1 penny and on some you can win sweets - such a frosties or a tin of mints. It used to give out kit-kats but they changed it.
 After a play on the machines it was time to relax with an ice-cream. There was wasps everywhere. I hate wasps so I couldn't relax really. I noticed one on big J's tshirt. It was trying to sting him. We managed to get it off but it kept coming back. I think it wanted the strawberry sauce off his ice cream :)
My three boys
A quick visit to Funland to try and win a teddy and a few rides for Little J before it was time to head home.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Fantastic photos x


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