Our Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine

Have you ever been somewhere with the kids and didn't expect to have a great time yourself? That was definitely what happened on Sunday when we had a day out with Thomas The Tank Engine. 

I am not a fan of trains or railway stations but I knew big and little J would have a good time so I put my fears aside and off we went to The East Lancashire Railway, Bury Station to meet the blue train himself, Thomas The Tank Engine. 
When we arrived we parked near by and you could hear the Thomas theme tune playing in the distance, followed by puffs of smoke. We tried to peak in through a gap in the fence and we could see a little bit of blue but nothing more so we had to wait until we got into the station. 

We had little J's pram with us and it was a little bit of a struggle to get down to the platform as there were three flights of steps but we managed it okay and it was definitely worth it because as soon as we arrived at the bottom of stairs there was Thomas staring right at us. Little J clapped his hands and off we went for a closer look.

We joined the queue to have a train ride on a Thomas. It wasn't very long before we were on. We left the pram in the buggy park and boarded Thomas.

His carriages were standing only and we managed to get a spot right next to the side so we were able to wave to the mums, dads and kids waiting on the platform.

Both big J and little J really enjoyed the ride and so did me and daddy. There was a member of staff in our carriage handing out personalised certificates which was lovely and big J got a lollipop too.
Lots of trains to see on the way.
Once we reached the end of the track there was a man on the ground talking about the station, Thomas and events that happen at The East Lancashire Railway and then it was time to head back up to the station.
We went in the carriage which was made out like a little souvenir shop selling lots of Thomas merchandise and other little souvenirs. Big J bought some highlighter pens and little J got a lovely  Tshirt saying I had a day out with Thomas. They also got a flag each. It was reasonably priced and cost £9 for all 4 items. 
Then we were so lucky to meet the Fat Controller who was making sure all the trains were behaving in the station and leaving on time.

Next it was lunch time so we boarded another train and we were able to eat our packed lunch on it. There were places to eat at the station but I had brought sandwiches with us. The train took us all the way to Ramsbottom and the journey was included in the price of the Thomas ticket.
When we arrived we were greeted by The Station Master who told us all about the troublesome trucks who had been a little naughty over the weekend but he brought them in to the station to see us. Then a steam train came in and you were able to board the train and have a look round. 
Just outside the Ramsbottom station was a car boot sale. We couldn't resist a little peek and there were lots of people selling Thomas goodies.

Once we had finished we headed back to Bury.
There was lots more activities included in the price over at the transport museum but we didn't have time to pop over.
We had such an amazing day and I would definitely love to go again when Thomas arrives back at The East Lancashire Railway in August and October.


  1. That looks like a great day out, both of my kids would love that, I'll have to look out for similar events nearer to us.

  2. My eldest went with her minder when she was younger but they should totally go back together now that she's older and would definitely enjoy it :)

  3. OMG- my eldest would absolutely love this. I have to check out if Thomas comes near me.

  4. This sounds awesome! It makes it all the better when the days out are unexpectedly fun doesn't it? Glad you all enjoyed it :)

  5. So glad you had a nice time. We took our son to a local thomas day when he was tiny but i think he was too young to properly enjoy it. Might have to go again. x

  6. Looks like you guys had such a great time, what a fun looking activity, I don't have kids yet, but I'd surely love to take my nieces and nephews here...can someone say best aunty ever?

  7. Oh my word, that looks like my son's idea of heavon. My husband seems to be turning him into a train spotter much to my disgust! What is it about boys and trains?!

  8. Looks lovely! I love trains, and journeys so this looks very exciting. I can imagine how excited all the children get. I'd love to know if Thomas comes down south!

  9. Even though mine are girls we have been on a couple of steam train rides and there is something rather special about them and if they are Thomas it's even better!


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