Alton Towers for Big J's Birthday

Every year we always take Big J to Alton Towers to help celebrate his birthday. We always have a great time and both of big J's uncles come too so its always special.
We arrived really early and the theme park was empty so big J and daddy rushed to the nearest ride.

Sonic Spinball.

Big J loves this ride.

Me and little J sat on the grass and enjoyed the peace for a little while.

It wasn't long before we were joined by a visitor who was looking for some of little J's raisins. It came really close to us and was hissing. It had huge teeth and they looked really sharp. I packed up our stuff and ran :)

Big J decided that it was time for him to be brave and try a new ride. He has never been on Rita Queen of Speed so he wanted to try it. Daddy bought them both a fast pass for the ride and Uncle P did too.]

He was nervous in the queue and as they got nearer the front I thought he would change his mind but he didn't. He went on it and loved it

 As a treat for being brave and trying out a new ride he got a 'I survived Rita Queen of Speed' Trophy and Medal.
Alton Towers wasn't very busy so we managed to get on lots of rides. My favourite is the Runaway Mine Train. #choochoo
We took little J on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ride. He wasn't sure at first. the queue is quite dark and the big screen plays a video of Mr Willy Wonka and is quite loud.
 Big brother J was there too incase he got scared but he really liked it. First you go on a boat ride along a chocolate river. Its not really chocolate although big J is convinced it is...I wouldn't try it.
After Charlie Daddy, Big J, Uncle K, Uncle P and J all went on the twirling toadstools. For me its the scariest ride in the park. Its just metal swings but they go really high.
Then it was over to Blade and Air. Big J with uncle K and J
 Little J enjoying his Pizza and Pasta

 Before it was time to go home we had a quick try of some games. You had to throw a ball into a coloured glass to win. If it lands in a normal glass its no prize but if it landed in a red one you got a small prize, a blue one for medium and gold for large. Big J went first he had two balls and managed to get it in a red :) then daddy had two balls and got it in a blue and I had two and got one in a red and one so close to the gold.

 Our three teddies we won

On our way out we bumped into a big blue Sonic the Hedgehog


  1. I need to take my kids to Alton towers. Been once like 12 years ago with my younger brother who loved it.

  2. Looks like you all had a great day! It's years since I last went to Alton Towers....

  3. He looks so pleased with his trophy :-)


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