Kiddie Cubes Review

Little J was given the chance to try out some delicious meals thanks to Kiddie Cubes and he loved every single mouthful.

Kiddie Cubes are cubes of healthy, organic baby food that go straight from your freezer to your babies mouth in just 2 minutes.

At first I was a little unsure whether these would be suitable for little J as the two stages available are from 4 months and 7 months. We decided to give them a go after reading on the website that they can be great as a meat or pasta sauce for toddlers.

When they arrived they came in a big polystyrene container and were packaged on a base of ice that didn't actually melt for two days after it arrived.

When I opened it, it was so cold.

 We were sent a selection of flavours

 Hearty Chicken and Veg Hot Pot

 Creamy Fisherman's Pie

 Very Veggie Lamb Casserole

Veggies and Lovely Lentils

 and Apple and Pear that little J was keen to try.

Each pack is in resealable bag.

300g and contains 12 x 25g which is perfect because you can choose how much you cook. No waste.

The stage is clearly displayed on the top corner of the bag

Ingredients are all natural and made in a nut free factory and gluten free.
Each meal is gently cooked and fast frozen to capture the fresh taste and goodness.

Heating guidelines are on the back of the bag and can be heated in either the microwave or on the hob.

To start with I tried 3 Veggies and Lentils. I heated for 40 seconds in the microwave

gave it a quick stir and then heated for a further 30 seconds

We added this to chicken and mash and little J loved it.

We have also used the veggies and lentils as a thick soup and little J has ate it with toast which looks delicious.

The apple and pear puree is yummy - I have tasted it myself. Little J likes it poured over fresh fruit.

Each stage includes meals and deserts

STAGE 1 - 4 Months+

Eat Your Greens – Spinach, Broccoli, Courgette, Peas
Really Rooty – Sweet Potato, Carrot, Swede
Purely Apple and Pear Puree
Purely Apple and Mango Puree
Purely Peach and Pear Puree
Purely Apple and Prune Puree
Purely Apple, Blueberry and Apricot

STAGE 2 - 7 Months+

Really Rooty – Sweet Potato, Carrot, Swede

Veggies and Lovely Lentils - Lentils, Butternut, Swede, Parsnip, Celery

Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheese – Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cheese, Milk

Hearty Chicken and Veg Hotpot – Chicken, Celery, Carrot, Broccoli

Very Veggie Lamb Casserole - Lamb, Parsnip, Sweet potato, Sweetcorn

Creamy Leafy Fisherman’s Pie – Salmon, Cod, Potato, Peas, Spinach, Milk

For more information you can check out Kiddie Cubes by visiting their website, or facebook

*we were sent a selection of Kiddie Cubes for the purpose of this review. The thoughts and opinions above are our own*


  1. I've not heard of this company before, great idea, especially when you don't have a lot of time to prepare your own meals x

    1. It's a new company just launching, really great quality and would definitely recommend

  2. Never heard of this before but it looks great! Speedy meals are always a good value ;)

    1. Yep and these speedy meals are fantastic quality. 100% natural ingredients

  3. These sound much better than the tinned stuff you see in supermarkets.

  4. This is such a unique idea, thank you for sharing. Great post x

  5. Looks like little J is enjoying these! :) I never used anything like this with my boy as I made it my mission to cook all this meals from scratch - sometimes a very hard thing to do! Something like this would have come in very handy on days I was short of time.

    1. These are great Fiona because even if making meals from scratch like me you can use as a sauce

  6. Never heard of this company before but I like the concept and probably tastes good too. Popping over from

    1. I'd never heard of them too but I think they are just new

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