Zu3D iPad App Review

Big J is always purchasing apps from the Apple App Store and it amazes me just how many different apps there are out there. Recently we were asked to try the Zu3D ipad app and I was looking forward to having a go at this because I have read about Zu3D before.

Zu3D is stop motion animation software which allows you to bring your creations to life.

When we downloaded the Zu3D app we at first got the loading screen then it took us to the main menu.

You choose + new film and give your film a name.

Then you arrive at the main editing screen where you create anything your imagination wants.

So first we created a scene. We chose two cars figures that would race to get to the trophy.

We put the cars in the starting position and then pressed the RED record button. This takes a still shot of the movie you are creating.

We moved the cars forward each time we pressed record until the cars reached the trophy.

Once completed we pressed the GREEN playback button to watch although this can be done at any point in the process.

There is also a YELLOW delete button which will delete stills if needed.

A slider button controls the speed of the movie. It has a picture of a tortoise at one end and a hare at the other.

The tortoise represents slow and the hare fast so you slide this button towards the picture you require the speed of your movie to be. We chose the middle.

If you want to add sound to your movie you can choose to record or import using the sound tab.

Again this was extremely easy to do with a RED button for record and a BLUE for import. GREEN button allows you to playback your sound and YELLOW to delete.

If you would like to add a title or text to your movie you click on the T tab.
This brings up a menu for you to work from.

You can choose to add any or all of the following
Speech Bubble

 We added CARS as our title and there were lots of different fonts to choose from and you can also change the background colour

Once you have created your movie you can playback and share with friends.
We really enjoy making this short video, it was fun and the app is extremely easy to use. The possible creations are endless you just need to have some imagination.

You can purchase software by Zu3D just visit the website at www.zu3d.com and you can purchase the Zu3D app by visiting the app store.

*we were sent a code to purchase Zu3D ipad app in return for a full honest review*

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