Would you rather....?

Big J was asking me questions yesterday that all started with would you rather....?

We had lots of fun and here are a few of the questions he asked.

Q: Would you rather have been in My Fair Lady or Mary Poppins?
A: Mary Poppins

Q: Would you rather be Bella from Twilight or Rose from Titanic?
A: Tough one because I love both but I chose Rose from Titanic.

Q: Would you rather be in Disney Cars or Disney Toy Story?
A: Again a tough one but had to say Toy Story

Q: Would you rather drink cherry coke or dr pepper?
A: Cherry coke

Q: Would you rather go to Alton towers or Disneyland Paris?
A: Disneyland Paris

Q: Would you rather watch Friends or Big Bang Theory?
A: Friends

Q: Would you rather have an iPhone or Samsung?
A: iPhone

Q: Would you rather eat apples or bananas?
A: Banana

Q: Would you rather watch Steps or Spice girls in concert?
A: Spice girls

Q: Would you rather drink tea or baileys?
A: Baileys


  1. Aw this is a cute little post!
    I'd rather be Mary Poppins too! One of my favourite films, used to watch it everyday with my little sister when I was younger! (:

    L x

    1. I love Mary Poppins I used to watch it every day after school.

  2. I love little posts like these! It's always good to know more about a blogger :)
    www.shemightbeloved.com xx


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