When The Postman Knocks

When I was 16 I started entering competitions. I won my first competition almost straight away - to see Steps in concert. I couldn't believe it. I never thought winners actually existed. Since then I've been hooked. I love comping especially when the postman knocks.

Yesterday he knocked and I was greeted by two 'recorded delivery' packages. What had I won today?

4 cinema tickets for the Odeon

A kobo mini 

The kobo was a prize I had won through a blog I follow called It's a London Bird Thing

Lucy did a charity raffle to support #HelpNoahWalk and has done an amazing job.

well done Lucy xx

I haven't done much comping since having little J and I miss it lots. I used to enter 1000's and would win at least 5 prizes a week. I would love it when I would see an email in my inbox saying 'congratulations' or 'winner'. Its so exciting when the postman hands you a parcel and you're not expecting anything so you know it must be a win.

I have won some amazing prizes over the years. The best are the money can't buy experiences or ones you just wouldn't have been able to afford.

some of my highlights are

Private capsule on the London Eye with Champagne and hotel stay

Disneyland Paris TWICE both times including a private party with the characters after the parks closed.


Watching big J be a mascot for NBL

I have done a few photo competitions too and managed to win all of them. 

The first one was to win a hotel voucher.

The 2nd was a weekend away in Blackpool.  I sent a photo of big J lying on the Walk of Faith at the top of the blackpool tower. His photo was enlarged and displayed in the local shopping centre. We didn't tell him he had won and made a trip up there. We found the photo and just walked past it and when he saw it on the wall his face was priceless.

Then there was another were we dashed out and drove to Cheshire Oaks Retail Park at 11pm on a Saturday night to take a photo of us jumping in front of the huge Christmas tree. We won tickets to the jingle bell ball concert.

Last but not least was a competition were there was the official model of Gok Wan from Madame Tussauds hiding in our local John Lewis. We had to find it and take our photo with it. We won a Merlin Annual Pass.

Comping really does brighten your days and its so nice to now have facebook and twitter to hear about your comping friends stories of what they have won that week.

Do you enter competitions? Have you ever won anything?


  1. I used to be so lucky with competitions, I need to start comping again!

  2. As you know I too am a comper (although I haven't really entered any for months now. My best wins are my trip to NYC in 2007 and my trip to Dubai in 2012!! I miss the postie knocking too! Must find some time to start entering them again! xx

    1. I love entering competitions too! Don't enter as many as I used to since having my youngest. But we have won some really amazing things. The xbox being my sons favourite! Well done on the 2 Disney wins! That is still top of my win wish list, along with an itv win!

  3. I love to enter competitions although since becoming a blogger I do not enter anywhere near the amount I use to. My best win so far was an Apple Ipad last year. I was expecting an older model but it was the newest one out at the time so I was really pleased.

  4. I never enter enough competitions to win I don't think. I maybe enter 10-20 a week and in my time I think I've one three things - headphones and a couple of books! I know some very lucky people though - congrats on your recent wins!

  5. Wow you have won some great prizes! I enter a few and have won a little bit but I just don't really have time to be a proper comper!

  6. I've won a couple of competitions over the years, but most of the time forget to enter them!!! I remember winning a cake at the school Christmas bazaar when I was about 7 ^_^ My mum enters comps all the time in her magazines! Comping seems like a full time hobby, and I don't think I can fit anything else in, although, winning a holiday would be cool!! x

  7. I used to enter loads of comps & won regularly but haven't got the time now - my blog takes my focus now.

  8. Oh wow - you've won some great prizes. I've entered one or two but never won anything. I don't think I did it enough!

  9. Wow! I've only ever won a book. I would be beyond excited to win a holiday!

  10. Hi Michelle, I love entering competitions as much as you :)

    You have won some great things. Do you dream of an ITV win like me?

    The experiences are the best - things you can't buy for yourself. My husband did an extreme sailing day and he still talks about it now

  11. I enter a few comps now and again and I wish I had more time to dedicate to them. I do love surprises brought by the postman and as a blogger I do get some things but I have to work for them - comping sounds better!

  12. I really love entering comps but since having Nieve and going back to work, I've virtually stopped! You've won some fab prizes though! maybe I should give it a whirl again when I'm on mat leave! :) xx

  13. Wow welldone - I have won a few comps in my life but nothing as amazing as yours - going to enter more now I think

    Laura x

  14. I used to enter hundreds all the time. I have NEVER EVER WON anything in my life. I ended up stopping because all I ever got in return in spam emails from signing up or using my email address to enter etc. I do a lot of giveaways on twitter but again never win. Must have a bad rabbits foot. Great prizes you have won, lucky you.

  15. I used to love comping and have had some lovely wins in the past but I just don't have time to do it much now, I value the little wins I get though.

  16. Goodness me! You are one lucky lady. I enter, but never win :-( Could you send some of that fairy dust my way please x

  17. That's a lot! Congrats!

    I join them but I am not lucky at all =P



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