Thursday, 16 March 2017

Giant Gazillion Giant Power Wand Review

Now that the weather has started to improve and the days are getting longer we have been sorting out the summer toys ready for the late nights and longer weekends.  This weekend we wanted to try out the Giant Gazillion Giant Power Wand as Little J loves bubbles and especially big bubbles that he can chase around the garden. 


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Official Gruffalo Teacher's Resource Pack

The Gruffalo is a story I was familiar with but hadn't actually read it through until last year when Little J got it as a gift. It has since become a favourite of Little J's and we read it most nights. He knows all the words and will often recite it even during the day. I am so gutted that we missed the Gruffalo trail in our local forest as I know he would have loved it. Some of the children I work with went on the Gruffalo trail and they loved it. To tie in with the trail there is a free downloadable Gruffalo's teachers pack available which I have recently been checking out.

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