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We love toys and games here so we get very excited when we are sent new toys to review. Little J loves all types of toys however he does have some favourites. He loves cars, building tracks, playing superheroes and he has just discovered the XBOX. Big J is a teen so likes big boys toys and can often be found on his phone or XBOX. 

All our reviews are honest and opinions are our own. We include our own photographs unless disclosed.

Chad Valley Air Pump Loader

Drumond Park - Shark Bite


Jumbo - Disney Guess The Film

Hot Wheels - Roto Revolution

Mi Mic

Super Wings - Scan 'n Talk Flyer Jett

Oregon Scientific - Smart Globe Adventure

My First Scalextric 

PJ Masks Headquarters

Chad Valley Street Showdown Racing Track

Mickey Roadster's Super Training Tracks

Thomas and Friends Adventures - Cranky At The Docks

Ticket To Ride - My First Journey

Little Green Men Battle Pack

Kinetic Rock Crusher

Zomblings Series 6

Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case

Gassy The Cow

Giggling Tiddlytubbies

Brio World School

Mokuru Fidget Toy

Peppa's Family Home


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