Big & Little J

Big J
Big J was born in 2002

He started senior school in September and seems to really enjoy it.

He loves being a big brother to little J

Big J enjoys many things including

Xbox - he loves to chat online to his friends

His favourite games are FIFA and Call of Duty

His mobile - big J needs to take it everywhere he goes

Playing out - Big J has many friends who live locally and he enjoys spending time at the local astro turf pitches

Little J
Little J was born in 2013

Little J is a happy baby and enjoys so many things

He loves his Winnie the Pooh taggie and will not sleep without it

He loves Mickey Mouse, Doc Mcstuffins and Sophia The First

He enjoys rolling around the floor, giving out kisses and eating

During the pregnancy we were told that there was something wrong with little J left leg. After many scans we were told that we would have to wait until he was born to get full diagnosis

When little J was born it was confirmed that he had a bowed left tibia. He also had deformed big toe.

Little J has spent endless hours in hospitals trying to get to the bottom as to why little J was born like this.

He is due to have surgery on his toe later in the year and he is receiving physio for his leg before a clam shell guard is fitted to prevent his leg from breaking

He has been seen by genetics to see if he has a condition called Neurofibromatosis type 1 as he has many of the indicators but it has not been confirmed.

Little J still receives visits from his health visitor and community paedritician as he has had delayed development.

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