Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Weigh In Wednesday #1 - 03/01/2018

Like most people a new year means we take a look at ourselves and our lives and try to make them better for the year ahead. Some people make resolutions and this year I am making a pact with myself that I will lose weight and get fit. I have started Slimming World and also will be doing regular swimming sessions to try and shed some pounds. I have really struggled with my weight and I know that this will be quite a challenge for me but it has to be done. 

This morning I have had my first weigh in and I had to decide how much weight I want to lose. I want it to be realistic and achievable so on average I would like to lost 1lb a week. I am setting myself a target of 21 weeks which takes me to the end of May. I am hoping that a Slimming World diet and exercise will help me to be one and a half stone lighter and I will succeed. 

I will be posting updates each Wednesday and will try and include as much information as possible on how I am doing following Slimming World including the meals I eat and also the syns I have. 

To help get me started, organised and motivated I have bought a food diary. It seems to be quite popular with those on the Slimming World diet. You write down everything you eat and drink. It will be good to look back each week after weigh in to see what worked well for me and what didn't. 

For those that are not familiar with Slimming World, it's a healthy eating program that allows you to fill up on free food but also treats as you can use your daily allowance of syns to help you feel like you are not missing out. 

It's going to take a lot of preparation so I will have to be very organised but I am also very excited and looking forward to seeing some results. 


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