Thursday, 7 January 2016

Parenting Toddlers, Teens and Everything In-between

Welcome back to my linky Parenting - Toddlers, Teens and Everything In-between 

It's a new year and I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. I took a break away from blogging for the few weeks and I'm now back, refreshed and raring to go. 

This Week

This week the weather was awful so we didn't venture out much which was a shame as I felt like a good winter walk in the fresh air would have done us all good.

Little J has become very very clingy to Daddy over the Christmas and his need for Daddy has affected his sleep routine. It's very rare he wakes in the night but if he does he drifts back off to sleep, recently he has been crying for Daddy.

I'm putting it down to just the Christmas break and Daddy has been home every day, hopefully now its back to normal with work and school he will stop being so clingy.

The Linky

As we have had lots of rain the last few weeks it would be great if you had any 'rainy day' posts. Maybe ideas of what you can do with the kids on wet days, if not ANY parenting posts will be great.

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  1. Ah what is it about when Daddy is home? All toddlers turn into needy little individuals - I'm sure they do it on purpose. I know all my 3 girls are definitely better when routine returns to normal - they are certainly creatures of habit!

  2. My daughter spent a lot of time with her daddy too. Think it's a novelty to have him home. x

  3. Little Miss H is so Daddy centric when he is home for a while. She is a daddy's girl anyway. But after a while of him being home she gets a little obsessed. And I totally understand how frustrating the rainy days are. A dose of fresh air is always good for children. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. As my two are getting older they are barely
    Interested im their dad and love me... About time ha x

  5. What a fab linky!

    My kids see their Dad as the best person in the world and get so excited when he gets home from work. Most annoying lol!

    Laura x x x

  6. Has a grandparent i help out has my daughter and her husband work to provide and I love it


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