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Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks Review

We are big fans of mini golf and one of our favourites is Paradise Island Golf at Trafford Centre. When we were invited to try out the new Paradise Island Golf at Cheshire Oaks we were so excited. We decided to go in-between Christmas and New Year. It was a perfect chance for us to get up and about after enjoying Christmas.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
Our course had an 'underwater' theme

If you are familiar with Cheshire Oaks you will know that aswell as the McArthur Glen shopping centre there is also a retail park. The Paradise Island Golf is in the retail park side next to the Vue Cinema.

When you arrive you will be given a golf club each and a ball. There was a basket of golf balls on display and little J chose a blue one. It's obviously wise to choose a different colour per person especially if you are playing one shot at a time.

We were shown the way to the courses which are up quite a lot of stairs. There is a lift for those who need it. We probably would have taken the lift if we had known how many steps there was beforehand. Little J did well though and the stairs didn't tire him out.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
Taking a shot

When we reached the courses they were signposted course 1 and course 2. Now I am not sure which course we were supposed to be on or whether you can just choose once you get up there. We had a quick look and course 2 seemed pretty quiet so headed to that one.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
Trying to get it in the hole

Little J has never played mini golf before although he does have a little golf set at home so is familiar with the game. He got stuck in and actually did really well. He played all 18 holes and actually snuck back to the hole which had a huge shark on because he liked that one.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
Mummy and the Octopus

Big J was really good as always. He enjoys Mini Golf and has been lots of times with both us and also his friends. I am rubbish at Mini Golf but I try even if a par 3 does take me 10 shots. Daddy takes it very seriously. It's so funny watching him as he lines up the shots and you can see the concentration on his face. He does actually play golf so maybe that is why. Little J wasn't to keen on Daddy taking 'forever' to line up a shot so went over and kicked the golf ball away. It really made us giggle.

It took us just under 1 hour to play the 18 holes but we took our time and chatted in-between shots and holes as we had no one in front and no one close behind.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
This was a very small room that had four holes crammed in.

The actual courses and layout wasn't as impressive as the Paradise Island Golf at Trafford Centre. There was one part of the course were it was just a box room with four holes squeezed in. There wasn't as much going on as there is in the Trafford Centre and not many trick type shots holes.

Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks
This looks more like the Paradise Island Golf we know and love.

It did get a little better after the first 9 holes when we entered the bigger room. The first course was just on the other side of ours and was busier.

When we had finished we added up our scores and big J had won. We headed downstairs to the 19th hole. This is just by the entrance and you get the chance to get a hole in one and win a free game. We lost.


What We Loved

The location. We like Cheshire Oaks so will be great to pop in and have a game.

As it's close to lots of restaurants and a cinema you include this in a family day out.

The choice of two courses. Great if one course is busier than the other.

The holes were simple enough for little J.

Family of four can have a round of 18 holes for £22.

Free Parking in the retail park.

What Could Improve

Although the holes were great for little J, we do like trick shot holes and there weren't many.

The room with the four holes inside could do with some more props, to make it more entertaining. It was a little plain.


Overall we had a great time and will definitely return, little J has already asked to go again.

For more information you can visit Paradise Island Golf Cheshire Oaks

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*we were invited to play at Paradise Island Golf free of charge in return for a full honest review. All opinions and photographs above are our own*



  1. Oh i love this!! You have just inspired me that it would be a nice thing to do in this weather!!! x

  2. what a great place, We never go up north but I am thinking of organising a trip that way and will bear this in mind.

  3. I am hopeless at mini golf but I wish I could be good at it because it looks so much fun to play. Just not when I am trying to play lol!

  4. As hopeless as I am at all forms of golf, this looks like a lot of fun x

  5. This looks like great fun! I think my little's would love this. I'd be hopeless at it but the kids would enjoy it, hehe. It's a shame about the room with the four holes, hopefully they'll improve that! I am glad you all had a lovely time though, it does look fun :) xx

  6. I am so bad at mini golf but I love playing it whenever I can.I think my nephew would love this.

  7. It looks like great fun, I love the idea of indoor crazy golf :) #triedtested

  8. ooh this looks fun. I took my daughter to a mini golf a few years ago and it was in the dark. We had to wear funny glasses and the scenery was fantastic. It looks very similar to the one we went to so i'm sure it was fantastic for you. Angela

  9. This looks really interesting - we visit the Trafford Centre at least twice a year and I have wondered what the golf was like - I have never been to Cheshire Oaks though. Kaz x

  10. This looks great, we tried mini golf for the first time at Bluestones in the Autumn but there was no Shark!! I see what you mean about the little room pretty uninspiring! Will have to see if there is anything similar close to us. Thanks for the idea x

  11. We never even knew this existed! Love adventure golf and its close by xx

  12. This looks like a great activity


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