Monday, 30 June 2014

Knowsley Safari Park for Fathers Day

I recently entered a competition online to win a family day out at Knowsley Safari Park and I won.
Knowsley Safari Park is just a short drive from where we live and we have been many times but not recently so I was quite excited.
We went on Fathers Day so we knew it would be more busier than usual but still a good day out.
When you arrive you are filtered into 3 lanes and it stays like that pretty much throughout the Safari. This makes it easier if a car is stopped in front looking at something you can overtake and carry on.
The start of the safari there were some deer laying on the grass then you come to some very large gates. They reminded me of Jurassic Park. Its a filter system I think basically 4 cars go through the gate and then it closes and the other side opens so they can drive through. There was quite a wait for this because it was busy but it did make it less crammed throughout the drive.
Once through the gates you come to the lions. We have been before and the lions have been roaming round and approaching the cars but today they were very lazy just laying down. I think they had just had their lunch.
Little J was sat on Daddy's knee and was very excited. He loves animals and birds. Big J had his camera out ready to snap some photos.
Daddy managed to get a selfie of us all while we waited to see the lions.
They kept swooshing their tails as they slept so they must have been getting attacked by flies. The lioness raised her head as we watched.
Further on there was a gnu we think just roaming around and he came up to our car so we had a very excited little J.

 There are two choices when you get to the monkeys. the car friendly route or the not so car friendly route. Big J begged us to go through the not so friendly so we did.
Some cars had lots of monkeys on and some none so I told Big J not to get his hopes up. He wanted the car to be full of monkeys. The car behind us was having trouble with a monkey who decided to bite off the part of the car were the screen wash comes out. He was furious.
We had one monkey on our car just for a short while who parked his bum on our windscreen.

It was fun and they are very amusing. There were lots of baby monkeys today cuddling in to their Mummy's it was very cute.
The main parts for me is always the Lions and the Monkeys. Everything else is just mainly deer and large birds (emus maybe?). There were some camels, rhinos and zebras but for me it didn't seem as exciting as it had been in the past. The animals were very few and far between.
The big birds used to come and peck at the windows and make you giggle but I think we only saw two there used to be lots.
Luckily the drive isn't the only thing at the safari park, there are other attractions too.
 There is a bug house which is very dark filled with glass tanks full of snakes, cockroaches and spiders.
We hadn't been to the safari park for a while so for us the Bat forest was new. I stayed outside but Daddy and Big J walked through and had bats flying around their heads.
There are small fairground rides too which you have to pay separately for. Its £10 for a wristband which is quite reasonable.

The highlight for us was the Sea lion show. It hasn't changed at all over the years but is still very entertaining. It gets very busy so its wise to get there early although they do have 4-5 shows per day.
Two sea lions take to the stage and show off there many talents. The clap, stand, balance balls on their whiskers as well as many other tricks.

Little J really enjoyed it and clapped along with everyone.
Big J and his new monkey teddy enjoyed it too.
The finale shows the oldest sea lion climb up stairs, dive into the water then jump back out to hit a ball that's dangling from the ceiling.
Lovely way to spend Fathers Day

Wimbledon Day Five and Six Round Up

I can't believe Wimbledon's first week is over already. Time really does fly when you're having fun. 
Centre Court had yet another jam packed schedule on Day Five starting with Djokovic v Simon.
I really enjoyed this match because Simon really did step up to the challenge of beating the Wimbledon favourite.
Simon served well and with an average speed of 112mph. Djokovic was running back and forth but then there was an incident were Djokovic fell to the floor and looked in agony. He was clutching his left shoulder although on the replay it didn't look bad at all. He had a medical timeout and received some physio. 
He was soon back on his feet and wrapped all the game shortly after. 6-4,6-2,6-4
I was flicking between this match and Janowicz v Hewitt. They were rained off on day four and Hewitt was two sets down but on Day five he came out refreshed and managed to grab the next two sets. The final set saw Hewitt leave the competition :( as the sunglasses wearing Janowicz earned a place in the third round. 7-5,6-4,6-7,4-6,6-3. 
Venus was up on Centre next and the 5 times champion was feeling the pressure. Venus missed Wimbledon last year due to illness but before that the 34 year old hadn't made it to the 2nd week of Wimbledon for 3 years. 
The 2011 champion Kvitova was determined to make it through to the fourth round but after losing the first set to Venus I was sure we would see Williams through. Unfortunately Kvitova battled her way to take the next two sets and left Venus out of the competition.
I really hope that's not the last we see of Venus.
Last on centre was Andy Murray and I do think its fair to say it was a one man show. Andy stormed through the 3 sets without even breaking a sweat. He made it look so easy. Agut won just 7 of the 25 games played and it was all over quite quick.
The match was won by Andy in just over 90 minutes. Can he go all the way?
Other Results
Dimitrov bt Dolgopolov
Murray/Peers bt Delgado/Muller
Day Six saw three favourites of mine on Centre which means I was on the sofa all day watching the TV :) which is a rarity when you're a Mummy but luckily Daddy was there to take charge of the monkeys
Kukushkin v Nadal.
Once again Nadal started off slow and unsure and seemed to be struggling which is similar to all his other matches played so far at Wimbledon. He has consistently dropped the first set then took the remaining to win the match. Was today going to be the same? Yes. Almost exactly the same to previous. He lost his first set and although he appears strong and confident he shows signs of struggle. Very strange, but comes back in the second like a different person.
Is this a new game plan?
Kukushkin didn't really get a look in after the first and the match was over quite quickly.
Riske v Sharapova
Again for me this was a one sided match with just 3 games won by Riske out of 15 played. Sharapova is through to week two and I personally would love to see her in the final.
Giraldo v Federer
For me Federer is at Wimbledon this year for one reason only and that is too win. He isn't messing around. He's whizzing through his matches like he's playing amateurs. Whilst I am happy that he sailed through the 3 sets I was gutted that I had waited all day to see him in action and it was over so quick!!!
Roger got a standing ovation from some of the sporting legends and hero's in the crowd
Can we see you for a little longer in Week Two Roger?
So those three matches took up most of my day but a result that shocked me was William (S) v Cornet.
Both the Williams sisters are out of the competition.
So that's it. The first week is over and done with, here's to week two.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Cirque Du Hilarious Blackpool Competition

Have you heard of Cirque Du Hilarious? I have. My Mum and Dad went to see it last year and told me all about it. They loved it.
Clive and Danny a father and son duo have been bringing the magic of the circus to audiences across the UK for fifteen years and this summer they are coming up north.
Taking time out from their shows at Butlins, Cirque Du Hilarious - Screaming with Laughter will be entertaining audiences at Blackpool Central Pier. Slapstick comedy, death defying acts and pure stupidity will have you screaming with laughter.
So if you are looking for something to do this summer make sure you check it out and if you are feeling lucky you could enter my competition. I am pleased to say I am giving my readers the chance to win a family ticket.
If you would like the chance to win the family ticket for four worth £26 enter below.
Cirque Du Hilarious
Good Luck
Closing date for all entries is 11th July
Winner will be chosen and emailed
Winner MUST respond to winning email by 14th July
Winner will receive a family ticket to a show of their choice
I cannot be held responsible for loss or damage

Friday, 27 June 2014

Olive It Recipe Book Competiton

Okay so I have to admit I always say I'm not a fan of olives but actually I've never tried them. 
I did however try them today and I was pleasantly surprised. I had three different olives to choose from and I gave them all a try. 
Green Olives - pitted
Out of the three types I tried these were my favourite. I can imagine they would be nice teamed up with Feta Cheese.

 Black Olives - Pitted. When I opened the can the smell was quite strong. It almost smelt like soy sauce. They were quite tasty but I couldn't eat too many in one go.
Green Olives stuffed with Anchovy.
I didn't know these had anchovy in, if I had of known I probably wouldn't have tried them but I'm glad I did because they were tasty. Not as nice as the other two but edible.

So since I've never ate an olive before I had no idea what to have them with. Alone or with a meal? I chose salad. It was nice and I would definitely have it again. I am attempting the 5:2 diet at the moment and olives have approx. 150 kcal per 100g so just 37kcal per 7 olives. They also contain up to 77% oleic acid which is an unsaturated fat so can help maintain blood cholesterol levels.


I know my salad wasn't exactly exciting but I really had no idea what to do with an olive and if you don't either, this competition is definitely for you.

Olive It recipe book has been created to prove that the simple table olive is versatile and delicious and can create some amazing dishes.

With over 40 recipes you will be amazed at just how fun cooking with olives can be.

Spanish chefs Jose Pizarro and Omar Allibhoy share their love of olives and family trusted recipes that have passed down generations.

Olive It recipe book is easy to follow and has something for everyone.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning an Olive It recipe book you can enter below.

Good Luck

Olive It! Recipe Book
Closing date for all entries is 10th July
Winner will be chosen and emailed
Winner must respond to winning email within 5 days
If no response another winner will be chosen
Winner will receive a copy of Olive It! Recipe Book
I cannot be held responsible for loss or damage
*I was provided with three tins of Olives which I have sampled and reviewed above. All thought are my own. I also received a copy of Olive It! recipe book which I have chosen to giveaway as a competition prize*

Wimbledon Day Three and Four Round Up

Day Three was probably my favourite so far, Murray whizzed through his match against Rola. Just 1hr 22 mins of play and Andy was through to the third round.

 It was 6-1,6-1,6-0 and I felt a little bit sorry for Rola towards the end. I think his heart wasn't in it and he just gave up.
I was a little shocked to see Court One half empty while Andy was playing, but I'm sure he still got lots of cheers.

Judy, Andy's mum rushed to court one after watching Andy's brother, Jamie in the doubles earlier. Murray/Peers went through after a 6-2,6-4,6-4 against Evans/Ward

I'm not a big fan of Djokovic mainly because I don't see a lot of him really. I always choose to watch someone else. However I did watch his match yesterday against Stepanek and WOW what a match.

Stepanek gave it all he had but unfortunately it wasn't good enough but it was great to watch. Djokovic took the first two sets but in the third Stepanek took it to tie breaker and won. The fourth set was very entertaining and thrilling but it saw showman Stepanek leave the competition 6-4,6-4,6-7,7-6
other results for Day Three
Dimitrov bt Saville 6-3,6-2,6-4
Kuznetsov bt Ferrer 6-7,6-0,3-6,6-3,6-2
Williams (V) bt Nara 7-6,6-1

Day Four was a jam packed fill schedule with Nadal, Federer, Hewitt, Williams (S) and Sharapova all to play.
Nadal was on Centre at 1pm and really struggled in the first two sets. Rosol was really strong and raring to go and Nadal just couldn't keep up especially in the first set. The second set was long and went to tie breaker and unfortunately for Rosol he lost.

 Nadal got his mojo back in the third and fourth and seemed to get in the swing and grabbed the next two sets and secured his rightful place in the Third.
 6-4, 6-7,4-6,4-6

 I didn't manage to catch Sharapova's game I only saw about two minutes but she won 6-2, 6-1
Evening matches to watch were Muller v Federer and Janowicz v Hewitt
I watched Roger and flicked on iPlayer to Hewitt to keep up with the scores.
Roger started off well and seemed on form. I always wondered if you are the last match of the day, does the motivation slip during the day. I would hate to wait all day to play.
Unfortunately only one set was played on both Federer's and Hewitt's game before the English weather raised its ugly head and rain stopped play. Thankfully Federer was on Centre court and it took just 19 minutes to close the roof and get the temperature right inside.
So with Federer winning the first set, the roof closed and play resumed.
Federer left the competition at this stage last year, so there was a lot of pressure on him to get through this match.
After what look liked a painful fall in the third set Roger was still able to go on and win the Match
Other Results from Day Four
Williams (S) bt Scheepers 6-1,6-1
Ivanovic bt Zheng 6-4,6-0
all evening matches were cancelled due to rain.
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